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Homeland 2×06 A Gettysburg Address Spoilers

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 10/31/2012

Homeland 2x06 A Gettysburg Address SpoilersNew, Homeland 2×06 A Gettysburg Address Spoilers



Here’s some new TV Guide scoopage for the next episode of Showtime’s Homeland. Episode 2×06, ‘A Gettysburg Address.’



Homeland 2×06 A Gettysburg Address Spoilers

Brody seems to be keeping his word to help the CIA… for now. He’ll give Carrie & Co. some valuable intel about the shop where his suicide vest was made. The real question: Will paranoid Carrie believe Brody, even when he’s telling the truth? Then again, by the end of the next episode, she’ll have a very good reason to be suspicious.



Homeland returns with episode 2×06, ‘A Gettysburg Address,’ on Sunday, November 4, 2012 at 10pm on Showtime.


In Homeland, 2×06 ‘A Gettysburg Address,’ Dana visits the hospital and is shocked by what she sees there. Faber gets tangled up with the CIA when he asks one too many questions about Tom Walker. Brody agrees to work with Carrie and Quinn to stop an attack on America, but his loyalty to the United States is questioned when Gettysburg once again becomes a battleground.


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