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Homeland 2X06 A State of Independence Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 11/06/2012

Homeland 2X06 A State of Independence Review and RecapHomeland Season 2, Episode 6 “A State of Independence”

We start with CIA surveillance on Hammad. Agents follow her to a park where she is seaking with an unknown man by a fountain that prevents them from hearing anything. Virgil follows the man into the subway but ends up losing him. Since he was wearing sunglasses, facial recognition software wasn’t able to recognize anything.

Cut to Jessica wanting to know more about Brody and the CIA. Brody seems to get suspicious and asks what exactly she needs to know, but she changes the subject. Dana is still unsettled about what happened the night before and doesn’t want to go to school.

We then see that the CIA has found video of the man Hammad was talking with but they cannot identify him. Carrie says they should bring Brody in and tell him to identify them.

Next, Brody gets an e-mail from Langley. He tells Jessica he is no longer working with Carrie when Jessica asks.

When Brody drives Dana to school, he thinks he is being followed.

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When Dana and Finn talk about the accident, Finn tells her not to worry b/c a hospital was by the scene.

Brody meets with Carrie and tells her he doesn’t know who the unknown man is. Brody does tell her that the tailor in Gettysburg is dead. Peter gets upset that he was not informed of this. Peter decides to form a forensics team to take them to Gettysburg.

Lauder and Mike are led to where Walker’s corpse and a 9mm casing were found. Lauder concludes that Walker went there with a trusted person since it is so far out. The detective tells them that CIA took over the investigation after only 20 minutes. Lauder then asks Mike to look intot he case since Mike knows CIA people who can help.

Dana arrives at the hospital and gets into the intensive care unit. She sees the woman who was injured last night, then sees her daughter. Dana says she is a doctor’s daughter. The woman’s daughter says her mother is about to die and needs to call a priest. Dana leaves as the woman’s vitals drop.

Carrie speaks to Saul about Peter. Saul feels Brody shouldn’t be trusted and says Carrie shouldn’t be meeting with him so much.

Cut to Peter’s forensics team setting up in Gettysburg and starts to look for anything unusual.

Carrie gets into Brody’s car. The man who met with Hammad is a part of something.  He wants him to tell Hammad that he overheard Carrie talking about somebody who just arrived in the country connected with Hezbollah.

Saul discovers that Mike is wondering what happened to Walker. He brings him into his office and Estes is waiting. They tell Mike to leave it alone and Mike agrees.

Then, Brody tells the lie to Hammad. Hammad asks about CIA team in Gettysburg. Brody then asks if the forensics team will find anything. Hammad says it is possible.

Dana makes Finn realize that the woman died, but Finn is not happy that Dana went to such extents to see her. Finn makes it clear that this cannot get out or his life will be over.

Carrie then tells Peter about how Hammad knows his team is there. Peter then calls for back-up.

Mike comes to Brody’s house and tells Chris he is looking for something his father borrowed. Chris then finds Brody’s weapons, with one 9mm bullet missing.

Peter discovers a hollow wall. Then, a riot group arrives and open fire and appear to kill the entire CIA team. However, only seven deaths occur. They find a metal box in the hollow wall. The team is led by the unknown man from the beginning. They take the casualty and leave. However, Peter is not dead, despite being wounded.

Mike waits for Jessica when she arrives. He tells her Brody killed Walker. Jessica says Brody is working for the CIA. Mike says a cover-up must be taking place. Jessica gets upset and asks him to leave.

Carrie goes to Brody’s office and demands to know if he had any prior knowledge to the killings. Brody holds her as she cries.


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