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Homeland 2X07 “The Clearing” Recap

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 11/13/2012

Homeland Large Photo 2X07 The Clearing RecapHomeland Season 2, Episode 7 “The Clearing”

This episode starts with Hammad meeting up with Brody as he is jogging. Hammad informs him that one of their allies was killed in Gettysburg and Brody is now more important than ever and wants him to meet with somebody soon.

Saul then goes to visit Aileen in her prison cell. Saul shows her a picture of the leader of the Gettysburg attack. Aileen says she knows who he is and demands to have a cell with a window in exchange.

Carrie and Peter then talk in his hospital chambers. They seem to think that the box removed from the tailor’s shop contained enough C4 to destroy an embassy.

Cut to Dana telling Fin that she went to the funeral of the woman he killed with his car. Dana wants to come clean about what happened but Finn doesn’t b/c of the political implications. Dana then threatens to come forward by herself if Finn doesn’t help. Finn then finally agrees with her.

Brody then informs Jessica that he is still the VP front runner since Avery Phillips is the strongest contender. Jessica then brings up the conversation she had with Mike about Brody killing Walker. Brody just responds that the CIA wanted him to reach Walker and things didn’t turn out the way they were supposed to.

Cut to the Brody family attending a fundraiser with Walden at the home Rex. Brody then sneaks away to yell at Carrie about Jessica knowing about Walker’s death. Carrie calms him down by saying she will deal with Mike. Estes then arrives. Peter then informs Carrie that she needs a way to empower Brody.

Cut to Saul asking the warden to get Aileen the cell with the window she wants. The warden refuses, so Saul is forced to go through the slower, more proper channels.

Carrie then meets with Mike bout being disrespectful to Brody. Carrie informs him that a terrorist attack is about to happen and knows that Mike is more emotional toward Brody b/c of his romantic feelings abou Jessica. Mike finally agrees to conclude his investigation.

Next, Brody must answer some serious questions about his years as a prisoner in the Middle East. Walden speaks with Estes about Gettysburg. Estes assures that they have it all under their control.

Saul then gives Aileen his word that he will get her the cell with the window if she helps. However, Alieen does not trust Saul.

Cut to Rex apologizing to Brody about his questions since he doesn’t like Walden. Rex is only supporting him b/c he thinks Brody could be President in eight years. Brody says he isn’t the person Rex thinks he is.

Carrie then meets with Brody in an isolated area. Body confesses that Rex is the kind of person he could have been. They then kiss and Brody confesses that Carrie still makes him feel good.

Next, Finn and Dana’s mothers hear them arguing about the murder. Dana explicitly blurts out everything that happened and the mothers immediately interrupt. Cynthia Walden tells Jessica that these kinds of situations need to be handled delicately and says that she will take care of it. Cynthia tells Jessica to follow her lead, but Jessica is nervous says she wants to talk to Brody first.

Cut to Saul telling Peter that is waiting on the Attorney General and should be ready to take action once he has the name.

Saul then brings Aileen some food. They toast to the cell with the window and speak about her road trip. Saul mentions his wife leaving for India. Saul gets the call from the A.G. that the paperwork is ready to go. However, Aileen won’t do anything until the guard brings the forms to the cell. She then then says the name is the leader is Muhammad al-Gandhi and that he’s been in the country for over a year and that he is crazy about guns.

We then see Cynthia talking to Walden about Finn. Cynthia then says that Estes will handle it and only Jessica to be worried about.

Cut to Jessica telling Brody about what happened with Dana.

Cut to Finn telling Dana that he doesn’t think the killing will be reported.

Rex then tells everyone at the fundraiser of his endorsement of Walden. Walden then tells Brody that his children will be taken care of as long as they do as they are told since their accident shouldn’t ruin anything.

Cut to Peter arranging the assault of the man Aileen identified from his private aircraft. After action if started, they discover this man is not a terrorist and just a musician Aileen knew from pool club. Saul cannot figure why she lied. Saul runs to her holding area and sees that Aileen has slashed her throat with some glass she removed from his glasses. Saul asks why she did this. Aileen says she just wanted to spend a day by the window and then dies.

Brody then tells Dana that they have to go to the police and then leave. Estes sees this and calls Carrie.

Next, Saul blames himself for Aileen.

Cut to Brody coming to the police station with Dana. Carrie is waiting for him. Carrie informs Brody that is he reports this; the entire deal will fall through. Dana wants to know what is happening, but then assumes this is all about Brody’s campaign and runs away.


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