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Homeland 2X08 “I’ll Fly Away” Recap

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 11/21/2012

Homeland Large Photo 2X08 I'll Fly Away RecapHomeland Season 2, Episode 8 “I’ll Fly Away”

We start with a shot of Dana on a bus to visit Mike.

Cut to Brody and Jessica fighting over Dana and Finn’s accident and what the effects of it will be.

Cut to a conspicuous van parked in the street. Carries is inside and says that Brody will have a meeting with Hammad in ½ an hour to Virgil. The phone then rings and says that Dana is at Mike’s/ Carrie then calls Brody to no answer. Once Jessica and Crhis leave, Carrie enters Brody’s house and sees him sitting in the hallway overwhelmed. Brody says he doesn’t want to do it anymore. Carrie then inspires hi to get up and continue anyway.

Jessica then arrives at Mike’s house. Dana is sleeping. Jessica then reveals the hit and run accident to Mike and tells him to let Dana continue to sleep.

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Brody then meets with Hammad looking disheveled. Brody then unceremoniously announces he is done with their operation once Hammad calls him on it..

Back in the van, Carrie has Virgil stop the tracking and runs after Brody on foot. Quinn says he wants Brody to be brought in. Carrie then stops Brody at his car. Carrie seems to get through to Brody once she explains he won’t have a deal unless he continues to go through with this.

Cut to Estes telling Saul he is upset about Carrie and Brody not being tracked. Estes then tells Saul to get them both back.

Carrie then checks into a motel with Brody.

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Dana  then wakes up. She asks if she can stay at Mike’s for the night. Dana then calls Jessica for permission and reveals how Brody met Carrie at the police station, which seems to upset Jessica.

Carrie then tries to convince Brody to continue helping, but Brody is convinced he’s already out of Nazir’s loop. He says he doesn’t care what the CIA does with him. They then kiss and we are shown a monitoring device which shows they are being listened to by the CIA fro another parked van. Quinn and Saul seem disappointed listening to them have sex. Saul says to not shut down the operation just yet.

Brody then calls Hammad in the morning and apologizes for being stressed. Hammad thanks him and hangs up on, removing the battery from the phone.

Dana then asks Mike if it was hard when Brody came back and asks him for a ride to Columbia Heights.

Carrie then tells Saul having sex was the only to calm Brody down. Qunin then says Brody is about to meet with Hammad.

Brody drives into an underground parking garage and Hammad gets in his car and instructs him to leave. She then takes the cell phone out of his pocket and takes out the battery, cutting off the CIA. The CIA van then orders to follow the car by eye.

Carrie says she is convinced Hammad knows about their monitoring and asks to join Max and Virgil.

Dana then goes to the daughter of the woman Finn killed’s house The daughter is very cross at Dana and orders her to leave and that Dana affect the settlement she is getting for losing her mother. Dana leaves very upset by this.

Brody continues to drive into an isolated field at dusk. Quinn stops at a loose perimeter where they cannot be seen. Hammad then shows Brody to an unexpected visitor: the man from Gettysberg. They see that the man who comes to Brody is the Gettysberg killer. Carrie wants them to stop right away, but Quin disagrees. Carrie then jumps out of the car and follows Brody & co. Suddenly, the sound of a helicopter is heard. Brody is put onto the helicopter and they fly away as Carrie looks on.

Dana arrives home with Mike. Dana tells Jessica about the daughter and how she is getting money for this. Dana feels it doesn’t solve anything.

Cut to Brody being brought to a dark location in restraints. A dark figure steps out of a car and reveals himself to be Nazir.


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