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Homeland 2X09 Two Hats Recap

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 11/26/2012

Homeland Large Photo 2X09 RecapHomeland Season 2, Episode 9 “Two Hats”

Original Air Date – November 25, 2012

We start approximately 12 hours after Brody was taken by Nadir. Carrie is seen with the CIA members arguing that he might be dead. Estes thinks they should question Hammad.

Next, Brody is left in Baltimore unharmed by Nazir. Brody is told that he is still important to their cause. The first person Brody makes contact with is Carrie to tell her to keep his family safe and to get them away from any potential harm.

The decision is then made to not bring Hammad in.

Cut to Mike going to the Brody house. He has come to take the family away to a safe house, whether they like it or not.

Next, Virgil and Max go to Quinn’s apartment. They discover many suspicious items, along with a picture of a woman holding a baby. They say her name is Julia Diaz and Saul tells them to find out more about her.

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The Brody family then arrives at the safe house, not knowing why they are being moved.

Cut to Brody meeting up with Carrie. Brody actually tells her that Nazir is planning a domestic attack. He is then questioned by the CIA team. While Brody was not tortured, he fears he will be harmed in the future. The attack is on a military homecoming celebration. The CIA order Brody to convince Walden to allow Hammad to cover the event. The CIA agree that they need to see how everything plays out and not worry about any betrayals yet. Carrie states that Walden needs to become aware of all of this eventually. Carrie then assures Brody that his family is safe and gives him a new cell phone.

Cut to Dana telling Mike that she wishes Brody were dead sometimes. Mike recants with war stories.

Then, Estes tells Walden about everything. Walden wants to cancel everything, but Estes says they need his help too much to cancel anything. Once Walden hears about Nazir being in the USA, he agrees to go along with it and let Hammad cover the event. Brody uses this chance to tels Hammad that he will be announced as the VP nominee at the event. Hammad then tells Brody that can survive the obligatory explosion if he is careful.

Next, Jessica drinks some wine with Mike as a way of thanking him for his help.

Then, Saul meets with Diaz and pretends to be with the IRS, which doesn’t convince Diaz. Saul then calls Virgil and alerts him that Quinn is about to be called by Diaz. Quinn answers it, then talks to Carrie about needing to leave for a bit. Max then follows Quinn on a bus. Quinn suspiciously talks to an unknown man after changing his appearance. Max gets a few quick shots of the unknown man.

Next, Jessica sleeps with Mike.

The next day, Saul sees the pictures. The man is identified a Dar Adul, who is former CIA. Quinn’s identity is then questioned. Apparently, he should not be with the CIA.

Meanwhile, Jessica leaves Mike’s room. The family then calls Brody, but Dana doesn’t wish to speak to him.

During the event, Quinn walks out to be a liaison for the FBI. Estes allows this despite the suspicious nature of it. Saul then questions Estes about Dar Adul. Estes defends Quinn’s position. Hammad’s camera team then changes camera batteries with something that looks particularly heavy. The CIA then raids the scene, knocking off the fake camera team. A mysterious car then drives away. The CIA then tracks the car down, thinking Nazir is in it. Instead, they find an unknown man.

Meanwhile, Quinn arrives at Brody’s house in a limousine. Quinn proceeds to point a gun at Brody’s head when he sits in front of him. When word gets out that the CIA did not find Nazir in the car, Quinn brings the gun down and tells Brody that he is watching his back.


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