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Homeland 2×10 Broken Hearts Recap and Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 12/03/2012


Homeland 2×10 Broken Hearts Recap and Review

After the opening credits and previous episode’s recap, this week’s remarkably tense and shattering installment of the consistently-excellent Homeland starts off with Saul conspicuously meeting with Dar Adal in a common diner. Saul breaks the ice with some probing questions about Quinn. Dar Adal confirms that Quinn works for him. Dar Adal explains that Estes asked for a soldier. He then goes on to suggest that the one Saul might need to be suspicious about is Estes.

Cut to Mike and Jessica agreeing that the sex they had in the previous episode was not something to be ashamed of. Brody then enters and thanks Mike for taking care of his family. Cut a shot of Jessica suddenly looking the least bit ashamed. Jessica then asks Brody what is going on once Mike leaves. The children are being put into too much risk.

Suddenly, Carrie calls Brody and alerts him he needs to get himself out of consideration for the VP nomination in order to get the attorney general to sing off on the agreement. Brody comes up with the idea that he is concentrating his energies on his family. I suppose there are worse ways of dealing with the press.

Cut to Carrie’s car being pummeled by a large, ominous vehicle at an intersection.  Cut to black out.

Meanwhile, Estes reminds the CIA team that they still need to capture Nazir at a briefing and their celebration is a little soon.

Cut to Saul asking Estes as to why Quinn is still around since the mission is over. Estes skirts around the issue but never really answers the question clearly. Saul does give a suggestion that he is an insurance policy for Brody’s awareness of a future drone strike. Quinn then enters and informs them of Carrie’s accident and how she is now missing. As Saul walks away, Estes whispers to Quinn that Saul knows about his true association.

Next, Brody receives a Skype call from Nazir on his cell phone that shows he has abducted Carrie. Nazir alerts Brody that any type of betrayal to him will not be simple. Naturally, he threatens to kill Carrie if Brody doesn’t give him the serial number to the VP’s pace maker. Brody resists at first, but Nazir says he will shoot Carrie and Brody finally agrees. It seems his love for Carrie is stronger than ever.

Cut to the location of the accident. Saul and Vernon are told that Carrie is missing b/c she was dragged off, as witnesses have claimed. They then talk about Nazir’s next move and as to why they haven’t heard from him.

Next, Saul calls Brody while he is driving to the VP’s house. Naturally, Brody doesn’t mention Nazir’s little video call after Saul points out that Carrie’s last call was to him.

Meanwhile, Dana meets with Finn. Finn claims (pretty insincerely)  that he is starting to have feelings about the woman he killed and wants to start over with her again. Dana then informs him that it’s a little too late for that.

Cut to the CIA watching footage of Carrie being dragged off by Nazir at a gas station where the accident took place.

Meanwhile, at Nazir’s hideout, Carrie informs Nazir that it is impossible for Brody to come up with the serial number. Nazir doubts this as Brody can be more resourceful than he appears. Nazir then tells Carrie that they are currently a kind of 3 way love affair with Brody. I don’t doubt that for a second. Carrie chides Nazir by telling him that he will never leave the UA alive, but Nazir is too foregone to care. They then seem to bond over accounts of acts of violence committed between their respective countries.

Brody then reaches the Naval Observatory. The VP is indisposed at a meeting. Brody agrees to wait for him. Brody then excuses himself…right into Walden’s office. He then snoops around the cupboards and finds the pace maker box with the serial number printed right on it. Brody then calls Nazir. Not to be made a fool, Brody tells Nazir to let Carrie go before he gives it to him. Nazir cuts her loose, shows Carrie gone and Brody send him a text. Nazir then transmits the number to a man who enters this information into a system.

Suddenly, Walden enters his office and sees Brody. This doesn’t faze Walden in anyway. After some minor discussion, Nazir’s minion enters a code designed to give Walden a heart attack. Walden then falls to the ground while asking Brody to call a doctor, but Brody refuses. Brody even moves the phone so Walden couldn’t make it himself. Eventually, Walden’s vitals fall to zero as Brody holds him down. I’m sure he regrets wanting to nominate Brody now.

Cut to Carrie hitchhiking with a truck and stealing the driver’s cell phone a cell phone to call Saul with (yes, she gives it back). Carrie informs Saul of Nazir’s location.  The CIA is quick to scour this location. Quinn and Estes share a concerned look. Estes then suspiciously picks up the phone. Saul is then detained as he exits the building and tell him he’s wanted for questioning. Saul commands them to call Estes and they inform him that Estes is already fully aware of the situation.

Finally, Carrie returns to Nazir’s factory hideout against Saul’s wishes. Naturally, Nazir does not seem to be there. However, we follow Carrie as she enters a dark doorway and it cuts to end credits. Like the rest of the season, I have literally no idea where Homeland can go from here, but I seriously cannot wait to find out.




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