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Homeland 2×11 Preview and Title Raises Questions

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 12/09/2012

HomelandHomeland Preview Raises Questions Like Who’s wearing the turban?


Tonight’s episode of Homeland may raise more questions than answers, and the title is raising eyebrows. ’The Mother****er With a Turban’




Tonight’s Homeland Offers Strong Title

Showtime has released video previews for tonight’s “The Motherfucker With a Turban.” What a title?!? The writers are definitely trying to make a point with that one. It knocks you over the head with emphasis.
Homeland is full of ambiguity about right and wrong. In a purely patriotic sense, there is no question of the two sides, but it’s not that simple. Was Walden wrong to order that drone strike? Should he have been punished?
Was Brody getting justice, revenge, or both in helping kill Walden? Did he sign his own death sentence with his actions or will he find a way to still maintain his deal with the justice department?
The real question: Who is wearing the turban?




Homeland airs 2×11 The Motherf***er with a Turban on Sunday Dec. 9th, 2012 10/9c on Showtime.

Homeland 2×11 Sneak Peek


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