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Homeland Season 2 HD Promo Featuring Carries Bungled Mind

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 07/24/2012

Carrie season 2 Homeland TeaserEarlier this month we asked the question, ‘How will Claire Danes Pregnancy Effect Homeland Season 2?’ Well, we quickly go the answer.


Huffpo TV spoke with a Fox representative, and they told Huffpo that Danes’ pregnancy is not likely to impact production of Season 2 at all. When asked if her pregnancy will be at all incorporated into the narrative going forward, the rep said, ”[W]e do not as a matter of policy comment on what the producers have planned in terms of story lines.”


In response to that I wrote, ‘So, there you go. Take from that what you will, but I doubt it gets put into the storyline.’


Well, now we have some more confirmation of that as we get a taste of season 2 of Homeland with this newly released static teaser titled “Look Again.” It’s a TV-Spot really, not a teaser, but regardless it seems to take us into Carrie’s bungled mind — and to great effect.


We know her mind is bungled because, A Homeland executive producer revealed that Homeland picks up six months after Season 1 ends and, ”Carrie has had, for the first time in her life, the benefit of professional help for her disease.”


“She will have been in the psych ward for awhile. She will have been in the care of a psychiatrist for six months.  She will have undergone a series of these ECT therapies. [The treatment we saw in the Season 1 finale] is not just a one-off.”


After watching the teaser I can tell it wasn’t a one-off. Carrie seems thoroughly confused and conflicted. The teaser seems to be asking for Carrie, ‘Did I image all this or did I have Brody pegged all along?”  This teaser or TV-Spot plays that brilliantly. Of course we all know the answer and thats what makes Homeland so interesting and different. We know the truth and get to scream at the TV at all of those who doubt Carrie’s just conclusion.


 ’Homeland’ Season 2 Teaser


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