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Homeland, Season 3 Carrie and Brody Scoop

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/02/2013

Homeland Tv ShowHomeland: Carrie related scoop and scoop on Brody’s family in season 3 from Entertainment Weekly’s Sandra Gonzalez


Here’s some scoop on Homeland from Entertainment Weekly’s Sandra Gonzalez’s The Spoiler Room column, which was posted on 8/1/13.



So Carrie is off her meds again on Homeland, huh? What else ya got? needallthespoilersplease. — Liz 

To be clear: Carrie may be off her actual meds, but we do see her SELF medicating quite a bit. (Hello, booze!) Meanwhile, as the show’s EPs reported at TCA, we do spend quite a bit of time with the Brody clan, getting a glimpse into the life of a family whose world has been rocked. Tease: We learn one family member in particular had a pretty horrible spiral after everything went down.


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