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House of Lies, Look Ahead Scoop From Kristen Bell

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 02/08/2013

House of LiesHouse of Lies, Look Ahead Scoop From Kristen Bell




Here’s some new House of Lies Scoop from Eonline’s Spoiler Chat, February 8th, 2013 Post.





George Z.: Love the Matt Damon on House of Lies photo. Any more scoop you can give us?

Kristen Bell tells us that the new season is going to be “very offbeat,” and “a little bit funnier and a little bit darker” than last season. Plus, there is the whole will-they-won’t they thing with her character and Marty. “The last season of House of Lies ended with Don Cheadle’s character and my character sort of making some intense eye contact and the question was posed, ‘Are we going to hook up tonight?’  Which is, I think, a great cliffhanger for the end of any season,” Bell tells us. “So this season is all about did we or didn’t we? And in the beginning no one can really remember because there was a lot of alcohol involved. So, it’s kind of about the dynamic shifts at the office. There are a lot of really great guest stars this year, so it’s pretty star-studded.”


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