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How I Met Your Mother on CBS: Ep 8X02 Recap

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 10/01/2012

 How I Met Your Mother episode 8X02 “The Pre-nup”

How I Met Your MotherHow I Met Your Mother, episode 8X02: “The Pre-nup” has Ted calling the summer of 2012 “The Summer of Love.” Ted explains that everyone was in love: Marshall, Lily and Marvin, Robin and Nick, Barney and Quinn, and of course himself and Victoria. “Everyone was as happy as can be and so, no stories!” Ted tells his children. “Let’s skip ahead to October.”

Barney’s co-worker is telling him that he needs a Pre-Nup or he should not marry Quinn. In spite of Barney’s protests that he loves Quinn and that he trusts her; the next thing you know she is in his office faced with a couple of reams of paper to initial and sign.

“You won’t believe what Barney did today!” Quinn says to the girls.

“You won’t what Quinn did today!” Barney exclaims to the guys.

The stories ensue. “Can you believe he asked me to sign a pre-nup?” “Can you believe she wants to read it first?”

As they relate their respective stories we get to see what the pre-nup entails: It’s Barney, you can imagine what he would want out of Quinn, if they get a divorce. (Visitation rights to her lady parts are among his choices.)

How I Met Your Mother episode 8X01 Recap

The women listen to Quinn’s side of the story as the guys listen to Barney’s side. The women are incensed and even though the guys can agree with some of Barney’s points, they still tell him it’s wrong. Especially when they find out that much of the agreement applies to Quinn’s behavior while they’re married. Barney has made a set of rules (he claims they’re suggestions), including a fine imposed for every pound she gains.

Then the inimitable Barney Stinson poses the ultimate question: “If you could go back and impose a few “suggestions” isn’t there something you’d like to negotiate? Tell me I’m crazy.” The answer from the guys is a resounding “Your Crazy!”

Later that night, however, the ideas don’t seem so crazy to the guys in retrospect as they tell their girls about their day. The guys claim that they wouldn’t change a thing about their ladies… except maybe one or two. The girls respond in unison: “Like WHAT?”

Ted warns that one of these couples will break up… Well not Marshall and Lily.

The next day Marshall, Robin and Quinn meet at the bar to discuss Barney’s pre-nup. It ruined Lily’s night and Robin’s as well. Marshall claimed that Lily was too protective of the baby, but in her retelling of the “one time” she was; Marshall through the newborn Marvin in the air when they brought him home from the hospital. Lily claims that all of her body parts were speaking when she took the baby away and said “Don’t ever do that again!”

Robin says that Nick is jealous of her television set and said it takes “42 inches to please her.” “Just because I happened to glance at the television over his shoulder while he was kissing me.” Then she admits she’s a bit weird; she’s turned on by watching herself on the news during sex. The girls agree that she’s weird.

Victoria shows up and tells how the Pre-nup has affected her life too. Klaus is living with them and now Ted is having a problem with that, but it was his idea in the first place. Victoria tells the story and the girls can identify with Ted’s hero complex, followed by hero remorse. Her revelation: Klaus walks around naked in their apartment all the time. That’s not Victoria’s fault, is it?

Quinn suddenly comes up with an idea and she goes to see Barney at the office. Barney thinks she has come to sign, but no; Quinn tells him the ladies helped her come up with her own pre-nup.

Barney begins to read the pre-nup and claims Quinn is sick because she wants custody of his suits if they get a divorce. The guys show up for moral support. Barney texted them.

Soon the couples are all shouting at each other and the man who started it all can’t take it anymore. “You’ve all got someone who loves you and you’re fighting over power.” He makes each of them admit their problems to one another. Each makes their own confession.

Back at the bar, Barney admits that he and Quinn decided that if they needed all that just to stay together then they didn’t belong together. He swears to become a lifelong bachelor and it will be “Legend-wait-for-it-“

A little ways down the road: Barney’s office, in the board room, “Dary! My wedding is going to be legendary!”

Robin walks in and asks if he’s ready to go to lunch. As the couple leaves someone remarks: “That’s love!”


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