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How I Met Your Mother Robin and Barney Couplehood Scoop

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 10/19/2012

How I Met Your Mother Robin and Barney Couplehood ScoopHow I Met Your Mother: Barney and Robin related scoop on episode 8×06 “Splitsville” from E! Online’s Kristin Dos Santos




Here’s some scoop on How I Met Your Mother from Kristin Dos Santos’ Spoiler Chat Daily for Friday 10/19/12.



Sophia: Now that Quinn is gone, when will Barney and Robin finally get together? #How I Met Your Mother

Based on this photo from the Nov. 5 episode, it looks like they are right on the cusp of couplehood, right? Not so fast. Barney will start a relationship soon after, and it’s with someone we’ve met in the past. Not only that, it’s someone who has pissed off Robin in the past. Cue the HIMYM fireworks!



How I Met Your Mother returns with episode 8×05, ‘The Autumn of Break-Ups,’ on Monday, October 29, 2012 at 8pm on CBS.


In Episode 8×05, ’The Autumn of Break-Ups,’ as the season of break-ups continues, Ted and Victoria must choose the next step in their long and complicated relationship. Meanwhile, Robin worries about Barney when he chooses a dog to be his wingman


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