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How I Met Your Mother, Returning Guest Stars Scoop

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 07/31/2013

How I Met Your MotherHow I Met Your Mother: Scoop on returning guest-stars and more on season 9 from TVLine’s Michael Ausiello


Here’s some scoop on How I Met Your Mother from this week’s (Posted on 7/30/13) Ask Ausiello column.



Question: What’s new on the How I Met Your Mother front? —Dave

Ausiello: Three more (mostly uninvited) guests have RSVP’d for Barney and Robin’s wedding weekend, and they include Knight Templar, a spooky fella (think Grail Knight from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade) who passes judgement on pretty much everyone and everything; Robin’s horny old college roommate Sophia, who shows up at the wedding in heat; and Grace, Barney’s new assistant who’s hot, personable and dumb. BONUS SCOOP:  For those keeping track at home, the title of Episode 5 is “The Poker Game,” Episode 6 is  ”No Questions Asked” and Episode 7 is “Knight Vision.”


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