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How I Met Your Mother :: Season Premier :: Recap

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/25/2012

How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother Season: Premier: Episode 8X01 “Farhampton.”

 How I Met Your Mother fans will remember that season seven teased viewers with the idea of Barney Stinson’s wedding. Barney is the Legend-wait for it-Dary bachelor who could not fall in love. It just wasn’t in his genetic make-up to have his heart out there and risk it getting broken. Through the years we watched this child man grow up. Last season had viewers guessing as to whom Ted would see when he opened the door after being summoned by the bride. The season finale revealed the Bride to be, Robin.

How I Met Your Mother Season 8 episode 01 opens with Ted Mosby sitting on a bench at the Farhampton Station, reading a book. A woman comes around the corner, making a comment about Ted’s tuxedo. “You look like you came from a wedding.” To which Ted replies that the story is too long to tell before he proceeds to tell it anyway.

While Ted Mosby has been telling this story to his kids for the last seven seasons, this time he is telling the story of telling the story to a stranger when he starts telling Robin a story…

The Bride has called Ted in to ask how Barney is doing and although he is convincing when he says “Barney’s fine…” we aren’t surprised to see the rest of  the wedding party holding Barney back as he tries to go out the window.

Once assured that Barney’s fine, Robin confesses to Ted that she is not. She’s wondering if she has made a mistake, and she wonders how hard it would be to climb out the window. Ted assures her that it’s easier than climbing back in.

Now Ted is telling Robin (and us) the story we have missed. What happened to Quinn (Barney’s stripper/fiance’)? How have the often naïve Marshall and Lily adjusted to parenthood? How did Barney and Robin get back together?

 New, Season 8, How I Met Your Mother Barney and Quinn Spoiler

To tell his story Ted must bring back Victoria and we are back in the car as he drives her away from her wedding. Marshall and Lily are entertaining Barney, Quinn and Robin while trying to put on the brave faces all new parents seem to wear.

Barney and Quinn have announced their engagement to Marshall and Lily, who say this calls for champagne and there should be some in the fridge. Robin takes the private moment to ask about Marshall and Lily. She’s sure they need some rest while the baby is sleeping. They are walking zombies and anyone who has lived through those first weeks of child rearing can identify. They have no short term memory left.

The heart of Ted’s story, however, revolves around Victoria leaving Klaus at the alter without leaving him a note. The first note she writes is too cold, and Ted explains how important that note will be to Klaus as viewed through his eyes having been left at the alter himself. As he offers to help the note is too sweet! What follows is the problem of getting into the dressing room to leave the note. Victoria can’t climb through the window in her wedding dress, so it’s up to Ted. Ted can’t climb up the drain pipe! Victoria gives him the key to the dressing room, but Ted can’t get past Klaus’ sister who is guarding the bride. He calls Barney to seduce her over the phone, which he is sure, is not cheating on Quinn!

That brings us back to Marshall and Lily who are in the process of being sworn to secrecy over the past history of Barney and Robin. Quinn doesn’t know and Barney wants to make sure she doesn’t find out. Robin is still digesting the facts, one that Quinn doesn’t know, and two that Barney photo shopped all of their photos. He has essentially erased their relationship.

Ted gets into the dressing room and leaves the note from Victoria, but when he is about to start the car he realizes he left the keys upstairs in the dressing room. He knows that he must get past his fear of failure and climb the drain pipe! Then he sees Klaus sneaking away. Now he can make everything right! He gets upstairs and replaces the note from Victoria with the one from Klaus and fakes tears to blur the ink. He doesn’t have to tell Victoria that Klaus was leaving too, just get in the car and drive away with her.

In the meantime, Marshall and Lily, in their baby-daze, spill the beans about Robin and Barney. Given one minute to explain, Barney does a seven season recap of his relationship with Robin and Ted’s. I wish I could do that! It’s quite impressive to watch. Quinn is, however, unimpressed and storms out. Marshall tells Barney to go after her.

Robin comes to the rescue for Barney, describing her new relationship and even introducing her new boyfriend to Quinn at the bar. Quinn is clearly drooling over this guy! In a private moment Robin tells Barney that she couldn’t have erased what they had as easily as he did. Barney gives her a key and an address.

Ted can’t just drive away with Victoria. He stops at Farhampton station to speak to Klaus. He has to know what went wrong in the relationship. Victoria is a great girl after all. Klaus explains that she is, but she’s not his treasure. This, Klaus says, is something you know instantly. The montage in Ted’s brain is Marshall and Lily, Barney and Quinn, and Robin with the remnants of her lost relationship. These are the pieces Barney could not throw away so easily. He has rented a whole apartment to keep the memories in.

The show ends with a woman getting out of a cab at Farhampton Station, she is carrying a guitar, and her face is hidden by a big yellow umbrella.

If you missed How I Met Your Mother episode 8X01 you can watch it on by following this link.

How I Met Your Mother 8X01 

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