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Hunger Games’ Elizabeth Banks Has Great Meeting With New Catching Fire Director Francis Lawrence

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 06/19/2012

Catching FireGood news Hunger Games fans, Catching Fire is off to a great start. E! reports, Elizabeth Banks had a really “great” meeting with Catching Fire director Francis Lawrence.



Most Hunger Games fans slumped they shoulders when they discovered Gary Ross, the director of The hunger Games, wash’t going to direct Catching Fire. I agreed. The film is at risk of losing its rhythm and aesthetic continuity.


However, before we worry about what Catching Fire will look like on the big screen, we all want to know if the actors of the first film will get along with, Francis Lawrence, the director of the second film.


“Let me tell you what’s fun—to have the job before the director!” Banks told me at the Maui Film Festival, where she was honored with this year’s Navigator Award. ”That has never happened ever in my life,” she said.


She added with a big laugh, “Going into that meeting, I was like, ‘I have the job. You tell me what you’re going to do, buddy—cause I’m already in this hit movie.’”

Banks and Lawrence met for coffee. “We talked about where the movie is going,” she said. “It was great.” No, she’s not spilling on any specifics.


There is no word on the other actors meeting with the new director, but stay tune, we will keep you poster.







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