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In Copper 2×01, Madame Eva Better Watch Her Back!

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 06/14/2013

In Copper 2x01, Madame Eva Better Watch Her Back!In Copper 2×01, Madame Eva Better Watch Her Back!


Here’s the latest on Copper from The Spoiler Room At EW Online by Sandra Gonzalez June 13th, 2013.



Sorry to bother you with this, Sandra, but I have to ask…can we get a Copper recap this year? PLEASE! This show is really good and dark and gory. I think you’d have fun doing it! — Katie

I’ll ask. If nothing else, keep an eye here for plenty of Copper scoopage. Meanwhile, since you mentioned gore, I have to warn you that your stomach MAY churn during the upcoming June 23 premiere. The scene of which I speak involved Madame Eva (Franka Potente) getting a knife in the back … literally. I wish that’s as bad as it got …


Copper returns with episode 2×01 Home, Sweet Home on Sunday Jun. 23rd, 2013 10/9c on BBC America.


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