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In Teen Wolf 3×04, Isaac & Allison Share an Intense Scene

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 06/14/2013

In Teen Wolf 3x04,  Isaac and Allison Share an Intense Scene!In Teen Wolf 3×04,  Isaac and Allison Share an Intense Scene!



Here’s the latest on Teen Wolf from The Spoiler Room At EW Online by Sandra Gonzalez June 13th, 2013.



Teen Wolf has been PHENOMENAL this season. I’d love anything you got on Isaac, the Alpha pack or Stiles! — Josh

Sooner rather than later, we’re going to get a little more backstory on exactly how the Alpha pack got to be so powerful (and it’s quite disturbing!). Meanwhile, Isaac and Allison are going to share an über-intense scene in a closet in the fourth episode this season … and we’re not talking about a seven-minutes-in-heaven situation.


Teen Wolf returns with episode 3×03 Fireflies on Monday Jun. 17th, 2013 10/9c on MTV.


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