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Ingenious Trailer starring Jeremy Renner

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/19/2012

Ingenious trailer Here’s the new Ingenious Trailer starring Jeremy Renner



Ingenious was filmed a few years ago and so you may notice Jeremy Renner looks a little bit younger. When I say a few years ago, I mean almost four years ago. The film couldn’t get ditribution and so it sat on the shelf collecting dust until now. With Jeremy Renner’s star power at an all time high the film has found distribution. Before you role your eyes and say, the movie probably sucks then, it doesn’t. In fact it won countless awards at film festivals around the world has has gotten great reviews. Sometimes the film industry can just be cruel.


The film is a tale of rags to riches. It follows to young friends and their quest to find investment that will make them rich. While at rock bottom with nothing else but each other, they invent a gadget that will become a world wide phenom. Their hustlers and dreamers, but good guys, that no one believes in until they shock the world around them. It’s a true story that also stars Dallas Roberts, and Ayelet Zurer.


Jeremy Renner plays sam a slick sales man, and Dallas Roberts is a small time inventor. It’s about not giving up on those dreams, even when everyone else says you will never achieve them. I looks cool, man. Check it out.



Here’s the new Ingenious Trailer starring Jeremy Renner


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