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Inside The Holmes Vs. Cruise Divorce

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 07/08/2012

CruiseInside The Holmes Vs. Cruise Divorce

As of recently it has become world knowledge that Katie Holmes has filed for divorce from husband, Tom Cruise. It has not yet become known as to why the divorce has been filed, but a picture does tell a thousand words, and pictures of Katie Holmes from the past couple months show sadness in her eyes. Although we do not know for sure the cause of her recently filing, we do know that these two will not be heading to court anytime soon. In most celebrity divorce cases, we see the couples rushing to court within days of filing, so why is it that Holmes and Cruise are not heading to the courthouse?

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The answer to that question is that their lawyers will be handling the divorce agreement with Cruisenegotiation. It has been said that Tom Cruise does not wish to “drag his family through the mud.” Neither Tom Cruise nor Katie Holmes want their six year old daughter, Suri, to be hurt throughout all of this.

Katie Holmes has filed for sole custody, so it is actually surprising that Tom Cruise hasn’t tried to bring the negotiation to California where he would be more likely to be awarded partial custody. For now, Holmes has custody of daughter, Suri, and they have been residing in her home in New York City. Katie and Suri have been seen quite a few times grocery shopping together since the split and Katie has been seen at her lawyer’s twice so far.

So far, so calm. I am sure that more will be revealed, because it almost seems too calm.


Inside The Holmes Vs. Cruise Divorce:



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