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Jack Reacher Starring Tom Cruise

Written by   // 07/30/2012

Jack Reacher One Shot Tom CruiseJack Reacher Starring Tom Cruise

Bullets are scary. Six bullets are scarier. Even scarier, five people dying from those bullets which were fired by a military sniper. In the upcoming film “Jack Reacher” this is precisely the core plot point. Not an entirely original nor interesting jumping off spot for a film, but there are some interesting aspects that come into play that leave me a tad curious about this picture.

What appears to be a pretty open and shut case takes some odd turns, starting when the prime suspect in the shooting insists that the police have the wrong guy and demands that they get Jack Reacher.. Who in the world is Reacher? He just so happens to be an ex-military investigator who knows the accused. He knows him well enough to be certain that this particular sniper should never have missed a shot, so why then were six bullets fired, and only five dead?

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The trailer for “Jack Reacher” is pretty much your run of the mill action flick. Which is a good thing and yet a less than invigorating thing. On the one hand, if it ain’t broke, don’t go fixing it, and the action formula in Hollywood is pretty much doing it’s job. On the other, I need more. I need new. I need inventive. Casting is nothing to be shocked by, nothing I can’t easily foresee this type of picture anchoring as it’s leads. Tom Cruise seated in the lead as Jack Reacher is a take it or leave it casting call for me. Robert Duvall has a part and this is the reason I am clinging to the thought of this movie. My biggest hesitation, “Jack Reacher” is based off of a book by Lee Child called “One Shot.” I have not read the book nor will I until after I see the film.

First Official Image of Tom Cruise in Jack Reacher

For me personally, this isn’t a rush out opening weekend type movie. I will catch it in the theaters if I get the chance but I can wait for the DVD/Blu Ray release and of course Netflix. “Jack Reacher” has not yet been officially rated.


 Jack Reacher Starring Tom Cruise – Official Trailer (HD)


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