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Jane By Design Preview: Teri Hatcher Creates Turmoil

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 06/26/2012

Jane By Design Teri Hatcher

Jane By Design Preview: Teri Hatcher Creates Turmoil for the Quimby Kids-TVLine

Here’s an article by TVLine’s Vlada Gelman, which gives a preview of tonight’s episode, episode 1×14 “The Second Chance” with scoop from Erica Dasher who plays Jane and David Clayton Rogers who plays Ben. In the article, Rogers and Dasher talk about tonight’s episode and Teri Hatcher’s 4-episode guest-star story arc as Jane and Ben’s mother, Kate, and the impact that Kate’s return will have on their lives. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Mom Kate has been gallivanting the world and spending time at ashrams — but what she’s really been up to is “starring on Desperate Housewives [as Susan] for 10 years,” jokes David Clayton Rogers, who plays her son, Ben. Rogers’ on-screen sis, Erica Dasher (Jane), adds that their fictional mom is “a bit of a free spirit” who’s “afraid of commitment. She’s a very bohemian character.”

Kate’s so boho, in fact, that she abandoned her children to travel the globe. But now the earth mother has come home determined to make things right – and to seek refuge. “She’s at a point in her life where maybe she’s starting to reexamine things — and maybe running away from something else,” reveals Dasher, who adds that Hatcher’s character definitely has some secrets and “even a man that she’s involved with” (played by One Life to Live‘s John Brotherton).

Kate’s biggest threat, though, may come from her own son, who stepped up to become Jane’s guardian following their father’s death and who isn’t too happy to see his mom. Whereas Jane is “really excited to have her back, and [wants] to build a relationship with her,” Dasher says, her older brother is “much more wary.”

“She definitely upsets our happy little family,” adds Rogers. “She comes back and causes a rift between Jane and Ben, because [he] can remember how much it hurt for mom to choose to leave us, and that still stings. Jane was so young that she just misses having a mom.”

Naturally, Jane rebels against Ben’s overprotective nature, as teenagers tend to do, but there’s no doubt in Dasher’s mind about who’d win if her alter ego had to choose between her bro and her mom. “Teri’s wonderful, but Jane would have to go with Ben,” she says. “They’ve been together her whole life. He’s done nothing but take care of her. He gave up his life to raise her.”

It’s a sacrifice Rogers says his character would willingly make again. Although a parental figure has stepped back into their lives, allowing Ben to pass off some responsibility and reclaim his old life, he realizes “that maybe this is what he wants to be doing,” says the actor.

Link to the full article: Jane By Design Season 1 Episode 14 Preview Teri Hatcher – TVLine

My thoughts: I heard that Teri Hatcher had booked a recurring guest-star role on Jane By Design several months ago, but I honestly didn’t know what the premise of show was until this morning when I looked up the title of tonight’s episode. The premise of the show sounds very similar to the premise of the movie Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead, which was one of my favorite movies when I was a kid, so now I’m definitely going to watch the show. Jane By Design sounds like an awesome show that I would absolutely love.


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