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Schwartzman & Paul Giamatti Join Saving Mr. Banks

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 07/26/2012

Jason Schwartzman & Paul Giamatti  Cast in Saving Mr. BanksSaving Mr. Banks, the upcoming biopic about P.L. Travers, the author of Mary Poppins, starring Emma Thompson as Travers and Tom Hanks as Walt Disney, has added to more key casting pieces to the puzzle.


Paul Giamatti has been cast to play Travers’ Los Angeles chauffeur. A role I can clearly see Paul Giamatti in. I have seen a lot of him lately in my revisiting of the HBO Mini Series John Adams, and I also re-watched Saving Private Ryan last week and I have to say, I really love his acting style. He’s one of the few actors who over acts with facial expressions to great effect. Most actors who do that end up on ABC Family one hour drama’s. Not Giamatti, he’s made the constant reactionary facial expressions an art.


Jason Schwartzman & Paul Giamatti Cast in Disney's Saving Mr. BanksThe other piece of casting in Saving Mr. Banks is Jason Schwartzman, everyones favorite Rushmore student. “O.R. You?” (If you know Rushmore, you get the joke). Schwartzman will play famed songwriter Richard Morton Sherman, who wrote classic songs for The Jungle BookChitty Chitty Bang BangWinnie The PoohMary Poppins, and the theme park ride It’s A Small World . Again, this is a fine piece of casting as well, as Jason Schwartzman is an actual musician of note. He has sat in with countless bands in LA and SXSW, to many to name and is the drummer for Phantom Planet. You may remember their hit song from The OC opening credits, California. You know, ‘Diving down the 101, California here we come..’


Saving Mr. Banks was written by Kelly Marcel and will be directed by The Blind Side director John Lee Hooker (His name has always sounded like something that would come out of a 70′s action series set in San Francisco) The film is due out sometime in 2013.


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