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Jennifer Lawrence In Talks to Star in The Ends of the Earth

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/06/2012

Jennifer LawrenceJennifer Lawrence is out to prove that she doesn’t just kick ass in The Arena.


The recently crowned starlet is now in discussions to star in The Ends of the Earth. 


The Weinstein Company who is financing and disturbing the film is hot on the actresses heels. They want ‘The End of the Earth‘ to be her newest star vehicle.


The true story centers on a powerful oil tycoon named Ernest Marland who loses everything after engaging in a controversial love affair with his adopted daughter. The screenplay was written by Chris Terrio, who also penned the upcoming Iranian Hostage Crisis drama “Argo.” — That film stars and is being directed by Ben Affleck.


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There is no director attached to the project yet, and Jennifer Lawrence is only in “discussions.” So don’t get to excited. Still when The Wrap and The Hollywood Reporter begin to leak news on a project, there is usually smoke and the old saying is “Where there’s smoke there’s fire.”


Still Big Shot Producer Harvey Weinstein has already opened his big brilliant mouth by saying, “I’m not sure that anything resonates more with an audience than a true story. Jennifer Lawrence shows the skill of a seasoned veteran in everything she does, and we’re thrilled to work with her again.”


The two previously worked together on ‘Winter’s Bone,’ and J-Law was nominated for an Oscar for that performance. Still this could be Harvey throwing chum in the water. He’s the craftiest producer in Hollywood. Stay tune for confirmation.


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