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Jeremy Renner Promises Steve McQueen Bio-Pic, Will Star and Produce

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/27/2012

Jeremy Renner Promises Steve McQueen Bio-PicJeremy Renner has had a great 12 months and the next 12 could be just as good.


Jeremy Renner has confirmed that he will play Steve McQueen in a new Bio-Pic. It’s been rumored for a while now, and he is currently set to star in a new David O. Russell film with Bradley Cooper, but the Steve McQueen Bio-Pic is in heavy development.


Over the weekend he stocked the fires of the project based on Marshall Terrill’s novels Portrait of an American Rebel and The Life and Legend of a Hollywood Icon.


Jeremy Renner Said, “I think he’s an icon. I’ve seen quite a few of his movies and I just thought he would be a really interesting guy to explore.” He added, “the film will be more a slice of life rather than an entire life, but we’re still figuring it out. I can’t wait to jump into it.”


“biopics are really tough – it’s hard to tell someone’s life story in two hours. He was a walking dichotomy: the most stingy and frugal person, and then the most giving. And his upbringing was interesting.”


This could be great stuff and I think he could pull off the part. He’s working on Steve McQueen the Bio-Pic with Lowlife director James Grey and Jeremy Renner will also produce the film.


Jeremy Renner


It’s hard to believe that Jeremy Renner is 41 years old, but he is and he broke out this year in a big way. He had a leading role in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Co-starred in The Avengers and lead The Bourne Legacy.


‘Bourne’ has under performed a bit for Jeremy Renner, but the other two films were HUGE hits. There was always going to be a risk with The Bourne Legacy though, he had big Mat Damon shoes to fill. Still, I thought he pulled it off. Director Tony Gilroy just wrote a flat screenplay and kind of flubbed some of the tight shot action scenes. But the past is the past, stay tune for more info on the Steve McQueen Bio-Pic future.


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