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Jeremy Renner Reportedly Interested in Playing Julian Assange in Bio-Pic

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 07/24/2012

Julian AssangeWord has come down the Hollywood pipeline that Jeremy Renner is interested in playing Julian Assange, the Australian editor, activist, political talk show host, computer programmer, publisher, and  journalist, who is best known as the editor-in-chief and founder of WikiLeaks, a media website which publishes information from whistleblowers.


Last year, Julian Assange‘s Biography was optioned for a film. Assange was paid $1 million dollars in exchange for the autobiography titled The Most Dangerous Man in the World, and Producers Barry Josephson and Michelle Krumm landed the deal.


Julian AssangeNow, deadline is reporting that Jeremy Renner isn’t just interested in playing the eccentric wikileaks man, but very, very interested. DreamWorks is currently developing a film and looking for the right man for the part. I would say to DreamWorks, ‘if Renner wants the part, give it to him and green light the thing, for christ sakes.’


The one stop gap in a possible production may be all the other studios developing Assange films, though without the Biography rights. DreamWorks may not want to put up the money to produce a film that several other studios are filming. Deadline writes, ‘Universal and Marc Shmuger have an Alex Gibney-directed documentary about Assange, while HBO, Universal and Megan Ellison are also working on films.  So, its a race to production. It may turn out like Steve Jobs Bio-Pic, more than one film about Assange could be made. We’ll see.


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