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Jimmy Fallon Imitates Russell Brand

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 07/13/2012

Jimmy Fallon makes a hilarious Russell Brand, and his accent is pretty darn good. In the hilarious skit Jimmy Fallon dons a curly black wig and reads through a US Weekly Magazine.

He begins by talking about the Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise divorce. He states, “Imagine that, a Katie filing for divorce. Now where have I heard that one before? Seems to ring a bell it does. Vaguely familiar it is.”

Jimmy Fallon then goes on to talk about the stages of Katie Holmes

Stage 1: Adorable, young starlet

Stage 2: Old Navy mannequin

Stage 3: Kristen Stewart, but somehow even more depressed!

He then goes on to Page 33 of Us Weekly, “Stars, They’re Just Like Us.” He states, ”before you know it she’ll be talking and going to dinner parties, and amusing countless guests with wondrous tales of walking, and talking, and reading at the same time!”

Jimmy Fallon Imitates Russell Brand:


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