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Jimmy Fallon in talks to host 2013 Oscars…. But

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/03/2012

Jimmy Fallon




I read the LA Times this morning and something caught my big brown eyes. Suddenly I was reading, my favorite late night host Jimmy Fallon, and the wittiest, I might add, is in talks to host the 2013 Oscars. I jumped out my chair and screamed, ‘YES!’ Well, that last bit is an exasperation, but I did smile and shake my head up and down in approval. What I forgot to do was read the whole article. There might be a snag in this dream of mine.


It turns out debby downers ABC has raised objections to having the late-night star from rival NBC play emcee on its Oscar broadcast. What!? Isn’t the Oscars for the people, or were we all right in that the Oscars is really about all the egos of those involved?


ABC is owned by Disney, and Disney chief executive Bob Iger is said to be unhappy with the idea of showcasing Fallon, whose show competes with ABC’s late-night show featuring Jimmy Kimmel. Fallon and Kimmel are in a neck-and-neck competition for viewers. Disney declined to formally  comment. The people briefed on the talks cautioned that they could still fall apart.


But, this much is fact, Comedian Jimmy Fallon is in talks to host the Oscars in February, with “Saturday Night Live” veteran Lorne Michaelsproducing,  three people with knowledge of the discussions said.


Another piece of good news here, as it turns out,  the network has no authority to veto the choice of host, because the show is put on by the Motion Picture Academy.


So lets all hope that the Motion Picture Academy tells ABC to go you know what to themselves. It would be criminal to take away the skit possibilities Fallon would showcase on Oscar night. Plus, he is friends with everyone in and outside of Hollywood. There would be so many comedic cameo’s. Fallon would make The Oscars a must watch.


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