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Joe Manganiello is returning to ‘How I Met Your Mother.’

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/02/2012

Joe ManganielloHollywood in Guy, Joe Manganiello is returning to ‘How I Met Your Mother.’ As it turns out, When True Blood‘s fifth season finishes up in September, Joe Manganiello won’t be off of television for long.



The man who drove woman crazy in Magic Mike has joined  How I met Your Mother, again. His first appearance on the show took place in season 2. He then followed that up with four more episodes over the years playing Marshall’s Law School friend Brad who went on an infamous date with Cobie Smulders Robin.



Most insiders think this could be the last season of How I met Your Mother. Or a at the very least, next season will almost certainly be the last. So, you can understand all the faces they are bringing back to the show. Not only is Joe Manganiello slated to come back, but Michael Trucco and Ashley Williams will both appear as well.


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