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John Pyper-Ferguson Set To Guest Star on Grimm

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 07/30/2012

John Pyper-Ferguson

Exclusive: Brothers & Sisters Alum to Hunt Mark Pellegrino on Grimm

According to TVGuide’s Hanh Nguyen, John Pyper-Ferguson will be guest-starring an episode of the upcoming second season of Grimm. Here’s an excerpt from the original article:

Brothers & Sisters actor John Pyper-Ferguson will guest-star on “Bad Moon Rising,” the third episode of Grimm’s second season, has learned exclusively. He’ll play Hayden Walker, a man who is mourning his deceased sister and wants to exact justice from Jarold (Mark Pellegrino) for disgracing his family name. Only problem? Hayden has to take his family to Portland to track Jarold down.

As previously reported, Pellegrino’s Jarold is an old high school buddy of police detective Hank (Russell Hornsby), whose daughter goes missing. Both Hayden and Jarold are the coyotl type of Wesen, coyote-like creatures that are mean, nasty bullies who have a strong pack mentality and don’t take kindly to those who turn their back them.

My thoughts: I was already looking forward to the episode that Mark Pellegrino will be guest-starring in next season since the premise of the episode sounds very interesting, but now that it has been announced that John Pyper-Ferguson will also be guest-starring in the episode, I’m looking forward to the episode even more. I liked him on Brothers & Sisters, but I loved him in the episode of Lie To Me that he guest-starred in as the leader of a religious cult several years ago. When Grimm premiered last fall, it quickly became one of my favorite TV shows last year. Based on all the spoilers and casting news for season 2 of Grimm that have been announced so far, it sounds like season 2 is going to be awesome.

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