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Johnny Depp Accepts MTV Generation Award (Video)

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 06/04/2012

Johnny DeppJohnny Depp received the MTV Generation Award on last night’s 2012 MTV Movie Awards. The award was presented by Steven Tyler and Joe Perry after Depp played a song with The Black Keys.






The 2012 Generation Award was presented to Johnny Depp by Steven Tyler and Joe Perry. As Joe Perry presented the award, Perry made the following heartwarming speech, “There are actors who act. Musicians who play. Then there are the rare breed of actors who bring passion to their art. Those are the ones that go deep into the darkness, they avoid the obvious, and explore the unknown. They work in the back room of the soul, and that takes guts. . . We admire his artistic courage.”

Johnny Depp MTV Generation Award


Joe Perry explained that many actors seem to find a niche and keep going back to the same role over and over. Steven Tyler explained that Johnny Depp has reinvented himself many times . . . “From Edward Scissorhands. . . To Ed Wood. . . and Captain Jack Sparrow.”

As the audience watched clips showing the highlights of Johnny Depp‘s career, the depth of Depp’s career was really emphasized. It is hard to think of any actor that deserves the MTV Generation Award more than Johnny Depp.

As he accepted his award, Johnny Depp joked that it was like, “The Get Out of Business Award.”

Johnny Depp also performed “Gold on the Ceiling” with The Black Keys at the MTV Movie Awards prior to being presented with the MTV Generation Award.

Johnny Depp Accepts  2012 MTV Generation Award:

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