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Joss Whedon Will Direct & Write The Avengers 2!

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/07/2012

Joss Whedon Signs on for The Avengers 2


Via — “Breaking news:  It was just announced on the Walt Disney Investors Conference Call thatJoss Whedon will return for The Avengers sequel. Whedon is signed to both write and direct the upcoming sequel. Disney confirmed that Whedon is also involved in the development of the long-lead ABC live-action television series which will be set inside the Marvel cinematic universe. More info as we get it.”


All I can say is, “Yes!” His vision is defiantly needed here. Who else could come in and deal with all those A-Listers and their egos. The stars of The Avengers respect him and will lay it on the line for him. We all know how difficult and physical The Avengers was to make. Whedon knows the actors, he knows the content, and the guy flat out understands entertainment. Marvel had no choice but to beg him if need be to come back and direct The Avengers 2.


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