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Joy Behar Gets New Show on Current TV

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 06/11/2012

Joy BeharIn another shake up at Current TV, they will continue to find their TV legs by employing Joy Behar, who left Headline News earlier this year. Deadline reports, ‘The View co-host Joy Behar will be launching a daily show on Current TV. The program will premiere in September and will air Monday through Thursday at 6 PM with rebroadcasts later in the evening. Behar will make her debut on the cable channel next week when she will take over for Eliot Spitzer while he is on vacation. She will not be guest hosting Viewpointbut will be hosting her own special shows in that time period. Veteran comedian Behar, managed by Westport Entertainment, previously hosted her own show on HLN, The Joy Behar Show, for two years.’


I think it’s a wise move. Current TV is sinking faster than Facebook stock and after the media mess with Keith Olbermann, Behar’s comedy should be a welcome relief. If this show bombs like the rest have on Current, it could spell doom for the upstart network trying to compete with Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN.


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