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Justified 4×02 Where’s Waldo Recap and Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 01/15/2013


Justified 4×02 Where’s Waldo Recap and Review

This week’s exciting new episode of Justified starts with Raylan and Lindsey falling into bed together after a good love making session. Raylan then decides to help with a beer delivery downstairs. While he does that, a man enters and pours himself a beef over Raylan’s resistance. They have a little tussle and the man finally agrees to leave, but not before tossing a stool into the ground.


Next, Ellen May visits Ava at Johnny’s bar. It seems Ellen May has changed her ways to reflect her newfound religious beliefs. Ava then demands that she return to work that night.


Meanwhile, Raylan gets some bad news from Art at work. It seems Arlo has murdered his cellmate. Raylan seems to have noticed this now-dead person when he showed his father a Panamanian diplomatic bag.


Next, Ellen May looks for Reverend Billy in a church. She is seeking forgiveness. Billy gives it to her and tells her that no one is beyond saving.


Boyd then finds Colt at a brothel. Colt is beating up a trespasser, Danny. It is then revealed that Danny is actually smuggling heroin, which Boyd will not allow. Ava suddenly interrupts the proceedings. She directs them to a group of singing children offering money to the prostitutes. Guess the new church in town is already in business.


Then, Body goes to Shelby’s office. Boyd wants to hear all about this new Last Chance Holiness Church. Shelby then talks about how he, Billy and Cassie have been travelling to various town, claiming to save souls and whatnot. Boyd thinks there’s something behind it.


The big man from the opening scene with Raylan then returns in a fight scene with a of bunch young gamblers. The men believe that he cheated them as the big man returns to his car and want their money back. The big man eventually beats them both, giving them each black eyes.


Raylan then searches with Tim and Art for Waldo Truth, which is the name found in Aldo’s bag. Eventually, they stumble upon the Truth family house. They are threatened by this family. Suddenly, Waldo returns. However, he is revealed to be Harold, who has been posing as Waldo to keep the disability checks arriving. The wife claims she hasn’t seen Waldo in over thirty years. They say Waldo left with a pilot called Drew. Art remembers that name and the law officials leave.



Cut to Ellen May getting baptized in the Lord’s name by Billy. Colt and Boyd are standing in the back watching the whole thing. Boyd then accuses Billy of being a fraud. Billy then says that no church member is to donate money in the church’s name. Everyone applauds. Boyd then leaves, but not before noticing Cassie staring at him.


Next, Art talks about Drew the pilot. Apparently this pilot actually parachuted with cocaine on him a long time ago. He now thinks that Waldo might be the body they found b/c evidence shows that their scars match. Basically, he thinks that Drew is actually Waldo. Art thinks Raylan’s father knows where Drew is.


Cut to Johnny’s bar. Boyd says that Cassie holds the power in the church and not Billy. He suggests probing Cassie to figure out what her intentions are all about. Then, Wynn Duffy enters. Wynn was invited by Boyd b/c of Danny’s heroin involvement. We see that Danny is tied to a chair. It seems that Wynn is working for Danny.


Boyd then asks for a partnership between him and Wynn. Wynn doesn’t seem too keen on this idea. He then gets out his pistol and kills Danny for getting caught. Wynn then alerts Boyd about Arlo killing yet another prisoner in jail.


Finally, at Lindsey’s bar, Raylan helps to close up. That big man enters again. Raylan tries to make him go away. The man then announces that he is Lindsey’s husband. Raylan doesn’t seem to take that too well.



I am liking how this mystery-based season of Justified is turning out so far. I like the Truths as potential villains. It is starting to feel like season 2 again instead of the overstuffed season 3, which had too many villains happening at once. I like how the bag keeps leading them in dangerous directions as well. I like how creepy Billy is being and his taunting Boyd is quite amusing. The singing children scene was something I didn’t see coming. Raylan seems to be getting money’s worth for Colt. The whole travelling church thing doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. If they have to pay off the criminals, why don’t the criminals just kill them off first? Then, I guess we wouldn’t have a plotline here, now would we? About Lindsey’s husband, it seems that he has something going on in Harlan that Rayland will probably get mixed up in soon enough. Hopefully, Raylan will hide that drawer full of money before this husband gets a load of it.


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