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Justified 4×03 Truth and Consequences Recap and Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 01/22/2013


Justified 4×03 Truth and Consequences Recap and Review


This week’s si-sssss-zzling Jon Avnet -directed episode of Justified finds Cassie walking into a church tent, only to discover Boyd sitting all by his lonesome in the seats. Boyd basically gets confrontational with Cassie and tries to call her our as the leader of the church’s operation. Boyd tries to bribe her to leave, but Cassie is steadfast on staying, unless Boyd can build a physical building of worship for the church somewhere else.

Cut to Lindsey and Raylan deliberating the sudden introduction of Lindsey’s semi-professional brawler  husband, Randall. Not surprisingly, Randall just got out of jail and doesn’t like Lindsey being around Raylan.

Boyd then returns to the church with a few hired goons. The men then unleash a bunch of snakes on the floor. But it wouldn’t be an Elmore Leonard adaptation without one of the goons getting ironically bit in the face by one of the snakes, which he is.

Rylan then decides to meet Randall at the gym where he practices his boxing. Raylan mentions that one of things that Randall isn’t supposed to do since he left jail is leave the state of Florida. Raylan threatens him, but Randall won’t budge. Instead, Randall basically tells Raylan to stay away from Lindsey, lest he end up with a limp.

Cut to the interior of Wynn’s trailer. Johnny enters to attempt to make a partnership with him. Johnny makes sure that Wynn know that Boyd doesn’t know about this meeting. Wynn then makes his concerns known that he feels that maybe Boyd actually sent Johnny, noting that Boyd put him in the wheelchair where he sits. Johnny then sweetens the deal by saying he wants to kill Boyd with Wynn.

Meanwhile, the goon who got bit by the snake still has the snake’s head attached to his cheek. Luckily, a doctor is able to get it off, but not without some serious pain.

We next see Tim and Raylan go to Drew Thompson’s widow, Miss Monroe’s, house. This “widow” also works as a certified psychic. They tell her that Drew may not be dead. Miss Monroe denies knowing anything about that, but does seem to know that Raylan is going to a gym to confront an evil man. She asks if he is a weight lifter, which is enough for Raylan to think maybe she does, in fact, have psychic abilities. Suddenly, an FBI agent, Barnes, pulls up. Ms. Monroe runs to a bathroom. Upon learning that it is a FBI agent, she flees the house, only to get punched in the face by Goines. Pretty soon, all of the law enforcers realize that she has gotten away.

Cut to Raylan’s office. The FBI alert him that they are taking over the Thompson case. The agent then goes to the elevator to call the young man who punched Ms. Monroe to see if everything went according to plan. Apparently, it did. Goines then takes Ms. Monroe to a seedy motel and tries to interrogate her about the whereabouts of Drew, pushing the chair he has tied her toward the ground. Maybe he saw Zero Dark Thirty.

Next, Raylan goes back to the gym where Randall works out to meet him. However, Randall has already left. Givens then runs into Barnes. Givens says the only people who would be at this gym are Randall and Miss Monroe. Raylan now wonders how Barnes knows so much and demands to know who his partners are before they kill Miss Monroe. Barnes then raises his gun, tells where to find Miss Monroe, and shoots himself in the head. His partners must really be that bad.

Meanwhile, at the hotel, Goines is roughing up Miss Monroe. Miss Monroe still says she has no idea where Drew is. Luckily, she is saved by Raylan and Tim. Art then enters and says that Goines works for Theo Tonin. He presses Miss Monroe to tell the truth, lest she not receive anymore protection. Miss Monroe then tells them that she always knew Drew faked his death b/c he saw Theo murder a government informant. Now, that wasn’t so hard, was it, Miss Monroe?

Billy then preaches to the choir (or congregation) when suddenly Boyd enters with a metallic box. Naturally, it contains a snake. Boyd uses this opportunity to tell everyone that since the goon that the snake bit didn’t die, the snakes Billy handles aren’t poisonous after all. Boyd then basically demands that Billy handle the snake that he has brought. Billy almost does before Cassie stops him. Of course, Billy didn’t know that Cassie was milking those snakes out of their poison. Billy doesn’t want to humiliate himself in front of the church goers, so he goes through it anyway. Naturally, the snake bites him and an ambulance is called.

Back at Lindsey’s bar, Raylan sees Rachel sitting alone in the jam-packed bar. Apparently, she was criticized by Art for being thoughtless. Wonder who could be inspiring her to be that way? Raylan then goes to find Lindsey. He goes up to the apartment, only to find the place trashed. Wonder who could’ve done that?


Considering this season of Justified is about faith, the writers are doing a pretty good job emphasizing it. I like the theme that people have a hard time changing. That really works for this Elmore Leonard adaptation. I like how the stories are converging at once and wonder what will Bill be doing to Boyd after this and will Cassie be involved? The story of Rachel is getting interesting. The Randall thing I’m not really buying that much, but I guess Raylan nd Lindsey couldn’t get too comfortable together. I also hope they bring back Patton Oswalt soon. Oh, to next week!


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