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Justified Season 4 Teasers, from Executive Producer Graham Yost

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 01/10/2013

Justified Season 4 Teasers, from Executive Producer Graham YostJustified Season 4 Teasers,  from Graham Yost




In an unheard of look ahead, Graham Yost dropped spoilers for episodes 4×02 though 4×05 of Justified, and then some! Here are some of the teasers from that interview.



Mandi Bierly of Entertainment Weekly interviewed Graham Yost on January 8th, 2013:

Justified 4×02: “Where’s Waldo?”  

Raylan is still with bartender Lindsey; she brings a new complication into Raylan’s life. “We’re gonna find out something else about Art. It’s not soapy — he doesn’t have some dreaded disease — it’s just something that’s the natural course of being a Marshal,” And as for Tim (Jacob Pitts), “We’ve found it’s just so much to have him on any case with Raylan — he just gives Raylan such a hard time, and it’s so wonderful — so he’ll continue to play that function,” Yost says, starting with a stakeout in episode 2.


Justified 4×03: “Reckon” (For Rachel, in episode 3)

“We’re gonna find out that unbeknownst to us, she was married and that’s not lookin’ good right now. And how does that reflect back on Raylan and his relationship troubles? So they go on a bit of an adventure together.”


Justified 4×04: (Critical for Ava and Boyd.)

“With Ava, there’s a little bit of this sense of what are we doing this for? Something pivotal happens in the fourth episode, where Ava and Boyd make a choice that seems to sort of damn their souls, in a way, but they get past that with sort of a renewed vigor for their plans for the future”


 Justified 4×05: (Jere Burns sees more screen time.)

“We love Jere, so Wynn Duffy plays a big part in this season,” Yost says. He’ll start off at odds with Boyd. “There’s a lot of conflict,” Yost says, “but in the fifth episode, you see that they have to work together.”  Look for that arc to involve Johnny. As for Raylan’s pregnant ex Winona, the first time we’ll see her is in episode 5.



Graham Yost also hinted at some developments through the season, and the different paths Raylon and Boyd take in Season 4. You can read the full Justified interview here. 


Justified returns to FX with episode 4×02, ‘Where’s Waldo,’ on Tuesday, January 15, 2013 at 10:/9: Central.


Justified 4×02 Where’s Waldo Promo


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