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Justin Bieber Graduates On Today’s Ellen [video]

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 05/23/2012

Justin Bieber GraduatesOn Today’s episode of Ellen you can watch Justin Bieber ‘The Biebs’ graduate in a hilarious graduation ceremony.





Justin Bieber has wrapped up high school, and since he was not able to participate in a traditional graduation ceremony, Ellen has decided to give him a special ceremony of his own.

Ellen understands that Justin Bieber‘s hair is important to him, so she has created a special graduation cap that floats above his head so as not to mess up his hair. Ellen begins the graduation speech, “Good Afternoon Everyone! Audience, Justin’s Manager, Scooter, Justin’s Road Manager, Kenny, Justin’s Mother, Patty. Good Afternoon. Today is an important day. It’s $1.00 taco day at the Warner Brothers cafteria.”

She reminds the audience that Justin Bieber is a great American who is from Canada. She then goes on to state, “I’m so proud of you. . . Today you’re a high school graduate. . . you’re only 18 . . . you’re already an international superstar. When I was 18 my biggest accomplishment was drinking a whole bottle of Boysenberry syrup from the International House of Pancakes.”

Ellen goes on to let Justin Bieber know that she may not always be there for him, and that he will have to learn to survive on his own. She also lets Justin know, “you’re pants are going to have to be pulled up at some point.” Justin Bieber thanks his sponsors, “BF Goodrich Tires, Little Debbie Snack Cakes, Drakkar Noir, and, of course, Ticonderoga Pencils #2 and # 3.”

Justin Bieber then proudly displays his diploma from the Ellen Academy in front of his screaming fans! “It’s SO official,” he proclaims. Congratulations, Justin Bieber, on your graduation!



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 Justin Bieber Graduates On Ellen :



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