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Justin Bieber Hangs Up On Detroit Radio DJ

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 06/30/2012

Justin BieberAn interview between Justin Bieber and a Detroit Radio DJ, Mojo, went horribly south after a few mom jokes.

Yesterday’s interview between Justin Bieber and a Detroit Radio DJ named Mojo started off very smoothly between the two. The DJ gushed, “I’m so proud of you. . . I remember you raising cans of food for the food bank when you first started out.”

Mojo then joked about Bieber fever and asked Justin, “did you hear that a doctor discovered that Bieber fever is real?” Mojo went on to describe all of the symptoms of “Bieber Fever” and Justin laughed at Mojo’s jokes.

The interview started to go south when Mojo stated that he thought he was listening to Justin Timberlake when he first listened to Justin Bieber’s new song, “Boyfriend.”

Justin was noticeably annoyed at Mojo’s comment and stated, “That’s crazy because our voices sound nothing alike.” Justin seemed to loosen up a little and went on to say, “My voice has definitely changed. . . I’m maturing as an artist. I want to be known as Justin Bieber

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Justin Bieber also stated that Justin Timberlake is really talented, and that he has a lot of similarities with him, but that he still wants to differentiate himself.Justin Bieber

Mojo then goes on to talk about the controversy about the new song, “Maria,” about a girl that caused a lot of pain for Justin after false allegations. Justin Bieber confirmed that the song is loosely based on the allegations that Mariah Yeater made against him.

Justin Bieber went on to explain, “If I’m talking about things that really are going on in my life, it’s going to be more personal for my fans. . . I couldn’t really talk about that situation in interviews.”

Justin Bieber didn’t call the song “Mariah” (accuser’s real name) because he didn’t want to get sued. Mojo then asked if that was one of the toughest moments for Justin Bieber in his life. Justin relayed that when the media made a big deal about the Mariah Yeater allegations it was tough for him.

Mojo then went on to ask about Justin Bieber’s relationship with the guys of One Direction. Justin stated, “they were in town a while ago and they came over and stuff.” Mojo joked, “Do you worry about Harry (of One Direction) when he’s around your mom since he likes older women?” Justin Bieber then made a joke about how Mojo should be careful about his own mom, and Mojo replied that his mom is dead. Then there was dead silence on the phone line, and it seemed that Justin Bieber hung on on Mojo.

The radio producers tried to get Justin Bieber back on the phone in case the phone call had simply been lost. Justin told the radio producer that he got a little upset with the questions, and the radio producer reported back to Mojo, “he probably won’t be calling back.”


Justin Bieber Radio Interview With Mojo:



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