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Justin Bieber Throws Up On Stage VIDEO

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/30/2012

Justin Bieber Throwing Up BarfingJustin Bieber Throws Up On Stage – see video below

Last night Justin Bieber was performing in Glendale, Arizona for his Believe Tour. He stopped mid song to bend over and throw up. He immediately left the stage. Below is a pretty close up video of him throwing up. It happens towards the end of this video. Be careful watching this if you have a sensitive stomach! Poor Justin Bieber. Hope he feels better soon.

This performance was Bieber’s first leg of the Believe Tour. He was actually forced off stage two times because of his illness. He did not want to disappoint his fans so he continued through the concert the best he could despite the barfing.


Justin Bieber Vomiting on Stage During Believe Tour in Arizona



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