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Kate Walsh Confirms Exit From ‘Private Practice’

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 06/13/2012

Kate WalshKate Walsh confirmed on ’bethenny’ today that she is exiting ‘Private Practice’ after the upcoming sixth season.







On today’s episode of ‘bethenny’ Kate Walsh confirmed that she is leaving her role on ‘Private Practice.’ Kate reports, “it has been an incredible journey and an amazing ride.” Kate Walsh has played the character of Dr. Addison Montgomery for a total of eight years. She started on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ playing Dr. Addison in 2005, and then her story branched off into the spin-off series, ‘Private Practice.’

Kate Walsh reports feeling “bittersweet” about her departure from ‘Private Practice’ as it has been such a major part of her life for so long. Kate is also excited about opening a new chapter in her life, and shared that joy with Bethenny today. Bethenny Frankel is also opening a new chapter in her own life, with ‘bethenny,’ a new daytime talk show that premiered this week.

‘bethenny’ The Newest Daytime Talk Show

Kate Walsh will appear on one more season of ‘Private Practice’ and will then be more focused on movie roles. Walsh will be playing the role of the mother in the upcoming movie, “The Perks of Being a Wallflower.”

Tim Daly, who plays the role of Peter Wilder, will also not be returning to ‘Private Practice.’ At this time it is unclear whether or not ‘Private Practice’ will continue after the next season. With the departure of a head character, it may be difficult to continue the journey.

In the following clip, Bethenny Frankel asks Kate Walsh if she would ever send a nude text. She replied, “Oh yeah, absolutely!” But Kate admits she would be afraid of the photo getting out to somebody else. Bethenny then asked Kate, “what about Taye Diggs?” Kate Walsh was embarrassed and replied, “how did you know about that?”



Kate Walsh on ‘bethenny’:


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