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Katie Holmes Back To Work

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 07/10/2012

Katie HolmesKatie Holmes is back to work as a co-writer, co-producer and actress. Katie has several projects in the works

Katie Holmes sure knows how to get things moving! She filed for divorce from husband, Tom Cruise, last week, they came to a settlement in regards to the divorce this week, and next week she will start filming for a new movie! Holmes seems excited to start working again, and she has no subtlety about it.

As of next week, filming for her new movie, ‘Molly,’ is set to begin. Katie is actually co-writer and co-producer of this movie, and guess what the story line is about? A single mom and her struggles and enjoyment of raising her daughter alone in the big city! Coincidence? I think not.

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Not only is she beginning this project, but she has lined up another project for the fall. ‘Responsible Adults,’ is said to begin production soon after the summer season ends.

Katie Holmes sure isn’t wasting anytime, and she shouldn’t! It’ll definitely be exciting to watch Katie Holmes grow even more as an actress and also as a successful woman in show business.


Katie Holmes Discusses Parenting on Ellen:



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