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Keeping Up With The Kardashians S07/E07 Recap

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 07/02/2012

KardashiansKeeping Up With The Kardashians S07/E07 Recap – The Kardashians Make Waves in the Dominican Republic

Missed this weeks Keeping Up With the Kardashians? Well, you missed out! But, don’t fret, we’ve got the low-down! If you watched last weeks episode you know that the Kardashian family vacation got off on a rocky start. Kourtney & Scott missed their first flight. Kris broke her toe. After Kourtney’s hormones got the best of her she blurts out that Kris has been in contact with her ex, Todd, yeah the one who broke up her marriage with late husband, Robert Kardashian, and that causes tension between Bruce & Kris.

As this episode starts we see Bruce packing his bags! Is he actually going home and leaving the beautiful shores of the Dominican Republic behind? That’s a negative! But, he has decided that he will be finding himself another room to sleep in, without Kris!

It wouldn’t be a family vacation without some kind of shenanigans from Rob and Scott. Bored out of their minds, (wait, who gets bored in the Dominican Republic??) they throw back a couple drinks and come up with a master plan to scare Kylie, Kendall. and their two friends. Scott and Rob ransack the girls’ room in the middle of the night, running through their bedroom banging on furniture and shouting, obviously giving the girls a good scare! It’s not their usual type of nonsense, but maybe that’s a good thing!Kardashians

The next morning, Kim gets a text from momager, Kris, begging her to come to her room. As Kim and Rob walk in, Kris has her hand covering her mouth. As Kris pulls her hand away we can’t help but notice that her lip is blown up like a balloon!!! At first, I thought she had some kind of lip injections gone wrong! But, according to the hotel’s nurse, she had some kind of allergic reaction! She refers to herself as a “who” from “Whoville.” Her description wasn’t too far off!

Throughout the vacation, the family causes a lot more waves than just the ones found at the beach! Bruce and Scott are still at odds stemming from their misunderstanding at the race track. Kourtney is irritated with Scott because he has been avoiding spending time with the family. Bruce is upset with Kris because he’s hurt by the fact that she would even consider having contact with Todd.As he puts it, he’s “disappointed that she would talk to this ‘stupid’ guy.” Can you blame him though? I mean c’mon, Todd ruined one marriage don’t let him affect this one!

Half way through the episode Scott decides he wants to go home and honestly, I probably would’ve wanted to bail on this trip too. For the first time I actually found myself feeling bad for Scott. Over the years, Scott has completely changed his lifestyle and he has made a lot of progress doing so! Every day he tries to be better than he was the day before. He finally got his priorities straight, and it is clear that his main priority has become Kourtney and their son, Mason, and now their daughter who is on the way! Everyone, except Rob, has been picking on Scott. No matter what he does, they always seem to find something wrong. “No matter what there’s always something that somebody can find wrong with me. I feel like I have changed a lot over the years to try and be a better person, to be a better father.”

Luckily, Bruce and Scott have an amazing, in depth talk, and Scott decides to stay and work it out with everyone. Bruce finally gets Scott to realize that walking away from a problem never solves anything!

“In any relationship communication is extremely important.” -Bruce Jenner

Bruce finally realizes that holding this resentment towards Kris is a waste of energy and after hearing her side of the story, he forgives her.

KardashiansScott admits to Bruce that he is constantly afraid that Kourtney is going to leave him. “I’m afraid that I’m going to wake up one morning and she’s going to tell me its over.” Scott truly does love Kourtney and he has proved that over and over again with his actions.

On their last night of their trip, the whole family sits down to have their “family dinner.” Kim suggests that they go around the table and say their “pits” and “peaks” of the trip. When it comes to Kourtney, she actually expresses emotions, AND she does so in front of the whole entire family! She expresses her love for Scott and gives him a “love bracelet” to represent her commitment and love for him! So cute!

This episode was full of fun, laughter, and also emotion. There is never a dull moment in this family, at times they find themselves in turmoil but regardless, they still have a lot of fun together, find a way to work through anything & everything, and love each other unconditionally!

Written by: Morgan Hurley, follow her on twitter @mhurley886


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