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Kristen & Rob: Baby Talk!!

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 11/23/2012

Rob and Kristen Baby TalkKristen & Rob: Baby Talk!!

Twilight co-stars, Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson are ready to move on with their lives together after Kristen’s infidelity scandal, and they’re serious about it. Sources say that when Pattinson broke up with Stewart this summer, she was devastated. She finally realized how much she loved Pattinson and how foolish she had been for putting their relationship in jeopardy. She has been proving to Rob left and right how devoted she is to him. She has changed her lifestyle, cutout certain bad habitted friends, and has stopped trying to control every aspect of his life. Apparently, since they’ve been back together, Kristen Stewart, has been begging Rob Pattinson to start a family with her. She said she now realizes that she is ready to settle down, with Rob. Pattinson was a tad weary about the whole idea for a while, (which is understandable after the situation with Director, Rupert Sanders, this summer.) But, Robert Pattinson has been convinced! He and Kristen will be trying to start a family now! They have decided that they will raise their child in England and have already discussed nursery designs. Both were raised amongst the hustle and bustle of movie sets, cameras, and studios, so they have agreed to keep their child as far away from that as possible. Many of Pattinson’s friends from England already have babies of their own. An insider says that Pattinson is very nuturing and mature, especially compared to other Hollywood gents his age, which will make him a great father.
It’s time to start checking for that baby bump! And…. a wedding! Kristen has been pushing for marriage, although Rob has been slow to agree, he doesn’t want his baby born out of wedlock. We will be on the lookout!!
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