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Kristen Stewart’s Life Since Her Split With Robert Pattinson

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/11/2012

 Kristen Stewart's Life After The ScandelSo, what has Kristen Stewart been up to since her infamous split with heartthrob and puppy dog eyed ex boy friend Robert pattinson? Well, there have been a few revelations.


She wasn’t at MTV’s VMA’s. I think that was a smart choice, her appearance may have incited a riot of boo’s and besides, I doubt Robert Pattinson would have showed if she had. I do blame Kristen Stewart for this mess. She brought all this on herself, It’s all of her own doing, but at the same time she is really young and millions of other girls and guys have cheated in their youth. I say give her a break. Maybe Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson weren’t meant to be — as much as that pains all you Twilight fans.


She seems to back back to work now though as she walked the red carpet in a loud dress at The Toronto International Film Festival. She was there to promote her new film On The Road.


She is also on the new cover of Vogue UK, and because of some terrible timing ,the interview surfs around her “love” for Robert Pattinson, meaning the interview was done before the scandal and yet, Vogue published it anyway. What the fuck!? That’s kind of mean don’t you think? ¬†I’m sure they could have reached out to her over the phone and asked her some different questions. Anyway get more of the stories below in the video.


 Kristen Stewarts Life Since Her Split With Robert Pattinson


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