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Last Minute Elementary, Season Finale Scoop!

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 05/16/2013

Last Minute Elementary Season Finale Scoop From EP Robert Doherty!Last Minute Elementary Season Finale Scoop From EP Robert Doherty!


Here’s the latest Elementary scoop From EW’s Inside TV, Thursday, May 16th post by James Hibberd and Lynette Rice.



Elementary! I can’t wait for the season finale! — Aly S.

Here’s a refreshing departure for the season finale norm: While lots of shows have left us pondering numerous cliffhangers with their season finales, expect the opposite from Elementary. “For a good long while we anticipated a cliffhanger,” executive producer and creator Robert Doherty says. “When it looked more likely that we would get to go to London for our premiere, we didn’t want to drag any of this year’s business into a second season…So the notion of going to London came up early enough for us to write what I feel is a nice last chapter for this season. We will be tying things up and starting with something of a clean slate coming into year two.” Yay for closure!


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