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Law and Order SVU 14×24 Her Negotiation Scoop From Kelli Giddish!

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 05/15/2013

Law and Order SVU 14x24 Her Negotiation Scoop From Kelli Giddish!Law and Order SVU 14×24 Her Negotiation Scoop From Kelli Giddish!


Here’s the latest Law and Order SVU scoop from’s Ask Ausiello May 15, 2013 post.



Question: Do you have any spoilers for Law and Order SVU? There’s loads of rumors going around that Olivia might die in the finale. —Kayley

Ausiello: OK, so… apparently Mariska Hargitay hasnot yet inked a deal to return next season, despite my earlier assertion to the contrary. (In my defense, this is the only time I’ve ever been wrong about anything ever in the history of everything.) So, that little development, coupled with Kelli Giddish’s promise that the May 22 finale is “insane,” makes me wonder if the rumors might be true. “I cannot believe they ended it this way,” Giddish adds. ”I gasped, myself, when I finished reading it. The fans are going to go nuts. It’s jarring and emotional, because so often our detectives never, ever let the perp get the upper hand, and that happens in this episode.” The episode opens with the detectives enjoying “a day off,” elaborates co-star Danny Pino. “It’s a very unusual way to go into an episode, where we’re all relaxing, doing our own things. And then it does this slow descent into a very dark place. It’s probably one of our darkest. And by the end of it… I mean, I really don’t know how we’re going to get out of it. I feel like the writers have really painted themselves into a corner.” As to whether Benson makes it out alive, all I can tell you is what Warren Leight tells TVLine: that the finale is “a struggle for survival between Benson and [a perp nicknamed] the Beast… I guess it can go one of three ways, you know?” Not exactly comforting, is it?


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