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Leverage 5×06 ‘The D.B. Cooper Job’ HD Promo

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/20/2012

Leverage 5x06 HD PromoLeverage: Season 5, Episode 6, ‘The D.B. Cooper Job’ HD Promo


Here’s TNT’s New HD Promo For Next Weeks Episode of ‘Leverage.’ Episode 5×06, ‘The D.B. Cooper Job.’


Written By Faye Constantino:

Sunday August 26, 2012 Leverage Episode 5.06 The D.B. Cooper Job

Coming up Sunday August 26, 2012 will be Leverage Episode 5.06 “The D.B. Cooper Job”

If you’ve read my other articles then you know that Leverage fans are genuinely concerned about whether or not Leverage will be picked up for a sixth season on TNT. There are a number of reasons for that fear:

  • Falling Skies replaced Leverage in the 9:00PM EST time slot.
  • Tweets from cast members asking fans to watch
  • Leverage started a few weeks later than usual
  • In prior years the announcement was made by now; last year the show was picked up August 12th.
  • Leverage has been syndicated with prior seasons running on ION Television.

Yesterday, August 19th, a full week later than last year’s announcement had the fans scrambling. They are not just on Twitter. They are on their phones and in e-mail, calling upon friends to watch. Fans are promoting on social networks like Facebook and GetGlue among others too numerous to mention. They are contacting the network with letters, e-mail and phone calls asking for an announcement about Season six. At least one fan is even contacting advertisers, either by mail, email, or Tweets ; thanking them for support whenever she sees a commercial! They are even thanking ION Television for airing the show!

When this Sunday’s episode ended on the East Coast there were more time zones, fans who’d DVR’d the show, and those who record and watch again. Leverage was airing somewhere in the United States for hours to come. Many fans stayed on Twitter and those who did were rewarded with a pleasant surprise. Christian Kane, who plays Eliot Spencer, the show’s Long arm of Leverage Law, got on Twitter to do some promotion himself.

Of course the episode ended with the usual tease for next week but the fans still trying to Trend Leverage on Twitter were not expecting three tweets from Christian Kane.

He didn’t mention what kept him from participating in the Leverage Google Plus Hangout, but those three tweets had fans tweeting back for hours to come. Some even received replies from the Leverage star, thanking them for their individual support.

Christian Kane ‏@ChristianKane01

Next week episode is so great. We literally go back in the 60′s to take down DB Cooper. That’s right, back in time. It’s my fav of the yr.

So many surprises. And I mean. BIG surprise. Such a great “mustache” ep. Thanx TNT for promoting it. :( trust me 1 of the best of all time!!

And thanx guys for still being there for us even though other shows get the press and we fight our way thru using ur punches. Means so much!

According to TNT: Sunday August 26th will have LEVERAGE returning to it’s usual time slot of 9:00PM Eastern, 8:00PM Central.

Will TNT’s Leverage Be Picked Up for a Sixth Season?

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Leverage Episode 5.06 The D.B. Cooper Job Promo


You can purchase Leverage episodes on where you can access live streaming or purchase the DVDs from the previous four seasons.


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