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Leverage Exclusive Google+ Hangouts August 19th

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/17/2012

TNT Leverage Cast and crewThis Sunday at 7:30 PM EST TNT Presents: The Second in a series of LEVERAGE Exclusive Google+ Hangouts

TNT and LEVERAGE show their dedication to their fans again this weekend with another exclusive live Google + Hangout. This Week: Christian Kane aka Eliot Spencer and Beth Riesgraf aka Parker will field questions posted on Google + between noon Thursday and that live internet show.The post went up on Google plus at 12:01 PM EST letting the fans know that this week’s exclusive will feature Christian Kane and Beth Riesgraf. The posts from fans began pouring in immediately with the first post at 12:03 PM.


Included among the posts are queries about whether the character’s are similar or different from the stars themselves. Since Eliot’s cooking has taken on a life of it’s own some ask if he will be cooking (or singing) more this season. Some fans make reference Christian Kane’s obscure reference on Twitter and Facebook about a “news/question” before last week’s episode “The French Connection Job”. During that tweet fest between himself and his fans Christian Kane revealed hopes for a cooking show and asked for fan support should something like that become a reality.


Many questions aimed at Beth are about the stunts that Parker pulls off from week to week. Yes, Beth Riesgraf does the stunts herself. In an early interview with Beth, she talks about playing the role of Parker and mentions her surprise at being expected to do those stunts herself. You can watch that video here: Beth has a great Twitter presence often wishing her fans a Happy Birthday, re-tweeting and generally promoting the show. During filming you’ll find Beth posting her “behind the scenes” pictures and the occasional video. Beth is not only an actress but a professional photographer as well.


This week’s episode is written by Jeremy Bernstein and directed by Jonathon Frakes whom you may remember as Commander William T. Riker of Star Trek The Next Generation, paid a tongue in cheek reference to in “The First Contact Job” by Eliot’s character “Willie Riker.” The fans had a blast on Facebook and Twitter with that “inside” joke; just another way that LEVERAGE connects with the fans on a more personal level.


LEVERAGE is up for a sixth season renewal and fans have been waiting to hear whether the show will continue. The stars themselves have expressed the desire to continue indefinitely. LEVERAGE held it’s own, however, in the ratings during the past two weeks in spite of being pitted against the 2012 Summer Olympics. This should be a source of pride for the cast and crew of LEVERAGE as well as TNT.


For a preview of the questions that may be answered Sunday Night before Season 5 episode 5 “The Gimme a K Street Job” airs, or if you have a question of your own for the two LEVERAGE costars, just follow the link below. 

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TNT’s Leverage: Beth Riesgraf


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