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Leverage On The Block: The Auction Block on EBAY

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/24/2012

 Aldis Hodge plays Alec Hardison on TNT's Leverage

Leverage On The Block: The Charity Auction Block that is, on EBAY

Today’s Leverage fan buzz centers around A photo of Aldis Hodge.

The EBay Auction for Lunch with Aldis Hodge who plays Alec Hardison, Super Hacker, on TNT’s Sunday night hit show LEVERAGE.

Fans of Aldis Hodge know that when filming is over he returns home to California to be close to his family. He said in a 2010 Q&A that growing up his mother always had her kids helping out at the Church at the holidays, a family tradition that is still carried on today. Every year his family helps out at the mission. Last year for instance, Aldis participated in a Christmas Event for L.A. Mission where stars came out to feed the homeless.

This year he’s at it again, Lunch with Aldis Hodge is currently at $685.00 after only 14 bids. Be sure to stop in and place your bid to help the charity, it benefits The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation.

Lunch with Leverage star Aldis Hodge at Tiato in Santa Monica

Benefits Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation open until Aug 30, 201216:14:01 PDT

Bid on Lunch with Aldis Hodge of TNT’s Leverage here!

Next up on the Auction Block 

VIP tickets to Leverage Season 5 Post Production Wrap Party in Los Angeles

The wrap party will be an event for Leverage fans who win these tickets! Getting to hang out with the cast and crew of Leverage is always a great party. Again, the Leverage Crew gives back to their fans and to the acting community.

The Leverage wrap party price is currently at $710.00 after only 15 bids and benefits The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation.

Bid On Leverage Season 5 Post Production Party Tickets here!

To find your favorite Television and Film stars on the auction block please check out the Ebay seller Emmysfoundation.

You can contact Faye Constantino at and of course Faybe Bay on Hubpages


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