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LEVERAGE on TNT 2-Part Summer Season Finale :: Part 1

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/17/2012

LEVERAGE on TNT 2-Part Summer Season Finale

Part 1

Leverage 5X09 “The Run Down Job” Recap

Leverage Leverage episode 5X09 “The Rundown Job” starts out with pigs in Virginia! A man in a suit, played by Monty Markham is disturbed by the farmer who has been renting to him. “Udall” has overstayed his rental agreement and the farmer is upset. An associate of the scientist appears and grabs the farmer, who is told his sacrifice will save millions of lives, just before he is injected in the neck.

Next we see Colonel Vance who opened episode 5X01 “The Very Big Bird Job” with Eliot Spencer, this time at a congressional hearing where he is on the defensive. Explaining his methods which include employing agents from no less than three Government agencies and a shootout in Rome, Vance is reprimanded. He’s told his actions are illegal under federal law. In spite of his claims that he gets his results more quickly, he is warned not to put together anymore teams.

Two armed guards are seen in a hallway, turning as they hear the elevator descend. “Security! Did you clear the elevator?” One yells over his radio, receiving no reply. “Security; security!” he repeats as the two men approach the elevator.

The doors open to reveal Alec Hardison tapping away on an Ipad. “Sup, Eliot?” he says.

“Who?” the guard asks. “Not talking to you.” Hardison replies as we see Eliot rising behind the two men. He takes them out with his fists and strategic use of the hallway walls.

“Cameras good?” Eliot asks Hardison as they move down the hall away from the bodies.

“Good for two minutes.” Hardison replies as Parker drops from the ceiling behind him.

She says “Two minutes for a Kronsky 217 with motion sensors? Nice.” Working her magic Parker has the safe open in seconds. Hardison informs her that he has the motion sensors and she has a minute forty seconds. But he doesn’t have the lasers…

Parker moves past him and he offers her a kiss for luck. “Who needs luck?” she asks and uses her gymnastic skills to get past the lasers and goes to work on the safe deposit box with a miniature torch.

Outside Hardison calls the client and lets her know they’ll be able to build eight more schools. He phones Nate and tells him they’ll be on their way home from D.C. Parker complains because she can’t keep “just one, they’re shiny.” Eliot slows his pace as he answers an incoming call.

“How’d you get this number, Riley?” Eliot growls. He tells the caller he doesn’t do that kind of work anymore. Parker asks about it “That’s that thing, the thing you don’t do anymore.” Hardison chimes in that they should keep walkin, but Eliot slows even more. “Just cause I’m not doin’ it doesn’t mean it’s not getting’ done.”

The crew pays a visit to Riley and asks for the file on the job. Eliot tells Riley he’s now working with a hacker and a thief as the man tries to press a silent alarm. “You said this morning so I know you got the intel on ya… Now!” Eliot growls and receives the packet as Parker knocks the man out with her tazer to his neck.

The next scene shows the crew looking for the target as Eliot quickly briefs them on the situation. He scans the area and comes to the only possible conclusion; it’s a sniper on the roof. He tells Parker and Hardison to figure out a way to get the girl out of there while he takes care of the sniper. When asked how he replies “You stole a Michelangelo with a roll of tin foil and some chewing gum, figure it out!”

He approaches the girl and asks for directions, carefully keeping his head in front of hers every time she moves, then as he shakes her hand and she says he has a strong grip, he carries her away as shots ring out and the marketplace erupts with screams and people running. Hardison creates a smoke bomb out of two cans of spray paint lit on fire and Parker shows up with her freshly procured scooter. Eliot tells the woman to get on and go with her. Then he runs for the stairwell to intercept the gunman.

Coming down the stairs with his rifle hidden in a bag of golf clubs the sniper makes the mistake of throwing them at Eliot. Snagging a club from the bag as he catches it Eliot proves there’s more than one way to swing a golf club and takes three well aimed swings at the man who ends up in a heap at the bottom of the stairs.

As sirens wail and Parker complains that cops are bad for thieves, Eliot asks the woman they just rescued to tell them what she does. She is the administrator of 911 in Washington, D.C. and Eliot tells his crew that this wasn’t a hit, it was an act of terrorism.

Eliot calls his “…friend in the business…” Colonel Vance, played by Adam Baldwin. Although Parker keeps saying that there are too many policemen around, it comes as a surprise to Eliot and the viewer when Colonel Vance promptly has them all arrested. As they are driven away in the back of a police van Parker appears to have gone to sleep while Eliot and Vance hash things out. Vance has evidence against Eliot Spencer and Alec Hardison although he’ll have to dig deeper to detain Parker for long. He tells them that there were other two other targets who were taken out that morning and that means he needs their help. Vance briefs them on the NSA mobile intelligence unit housed in the black truck they left behind. Parker is already out of her cuffs. He tells Eliot to “make it good” and mocks him after two out of three punches before being knocked out.

Eliot and Hardison use their grifting skills to get past the man guarding the mobile outpost and although Eliot tells them they can go, Parker and Alec insist on staying. Upon further investigation they realize a local robbery might be a clue. Parker wants to get into that basement, she thinks she knows what the thieves would have ice for.

Once in the basement Parker uses her mini-torch to check the paint and it bubbles. “You bring ice to a robbery to keep a saw blade cool. The jewels and the beer were just a distraction.”She breaks through the wall into what appears to be an abandoned lab.

Once inside they talk about how long it’s been since the lab was used. Eliot comes across a case that’s sealed; it’s labeled “Influenza 1918.” Hardison hurries them out of the small room and onto the street, he’s clearly shaken. He explains that the Spanish Flu wiped out fifty million people; in today’s world it would be triple that number.

Eliot asks Hardison if he’s scared, then explains that the reason he wants Alec working the case with him is because he’s the smartest guy he’s ever known. The clues lead them to the farm in Virginia where they find the farmer in the barn, long dead, and a whole lot of dead pigs.

They tell Vance the farmer was patient zero. He calls for a burn unit to meet him in a field where they believe the suspect has taken the virus. Something is still bothering Eliot Spencer, however. Why only one hospital administrator. If it was a terrorist attack they would want to take out all of the hospitals. Back in the van they try to find a common link between the three targets. It turns out they all attended the same conference, led by Dr. Everett Udall. They go to Udall’s residence to find out what his connection is to the others but as Hardison goes through the door we hear a click. He’s stepped on a trip switch for a bomb. Parker climbs over Hardison and hangs from him to diffuse the bomb.

Hardison realizes that everything is in the house, so what’s in the trailer in the field? Eliot is already dialing his phone, trying to get ahold of Vance to let him know it’s a trap. A congressman answers the phone and hangs up on him. Eliot tries again but Hardison has a better idea and uses the phone to access Vance’s vehicle. He hacks into the electrical system and sends an SOS via the car horn. Luckily the men hear the warning in time and get away as the trailer explodes.

Hardison is now tracking Dr. Udall’s phone and follows the madman to the subway. He’s too late deciphering which passenger Udall is; he’s on the train by the time Hardison isolates his signal. Parker has gotten on the train. Well, on top of the train anyway.

Spencer and Hardison steal a car and tell Parker to stop the train while evading police in a high speed chase. They break into a maintenance access just seconds ahead of the police and race against time as Parker walks the subway cars attempting to find Udall.

Once the crew reunites Hardison tells all of the passengers that there’s a bomb and they get off the train. Udall tries to explain that it’s just a matter of time before someone else will find what he’s found and do the same thing. While Parker has already relieved him of his case he does have a gun and Eliot is shot as he moves in to take the man down. The gun is kicked away and Hardison scrambles to dismantle the bomb. He has bad news, if he breaks the glass the bomb will go off. Parker apologizes, she kept a diamond after all, and she cuts the glass. With the bomb diffused Hardison says it’s not enough. It’s going to release the gas anyway which will spread to kill everyone in D.C. In the meantime Udall wakes up and gets the gun. As Parker races down the tunnel carrying the briefcase with Hardison close behind, Eliot is shot again as he takes another shot at Udall.

Parker is far from the train and Hardison is racing to stop her from releasing the viral gas. He hears the glas break as he’s screaming for her. When he reaches her she is using her torch to burn the spray as it escapes the case. Hardison tells her that he couldn’tt take it if anything happened to her.

Leverage on TNT 2-Part Summer Season Finale :: Part 2 


Leverage never fails to deliver the excitement and the drama to their fans. While TNT has yet to deliver a verdict on a Season 6 renewal, Leverage has gone into syndication and will continue to deliver the thrills for years to come.

Will TNT’s Leverage Be Renewed for a Sixth Season ? 

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