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LEVERAGE on TNT 2-Part Summer Season Finale

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/17/2012

LEVERAGE on TNT 2-Part Summer Season Finale

Part 2

Leverage 5X10 “The Frame Up Job”


Leverage 5X10 “The Frame Up Job” opens with Nate and Sophie running from a hail of gunfire. Sophie tells Nate that if they die she’ll never forgive him. He knows! She tells him they wouldn’t be in this mess if he’d just gone to the movies! Nate says she’d be in jail if he’d gone to the movies. Sophie prefers jail to being murdered.


The show flashes back to Nate and Sophie talking about the rest of the crew. Since the rest of the Leverage team (Eliot, Parker and Hardison) are staying in D.C. for a couple of days Leverage Incorporated is closed. Sophie suggests a movie and shows Nate there’s a film festival which he is very enthusiastic about. The only problem is there’s only one ticket. Sophie tells him her theater group has a show and so he’s on his own for the movies.


Next we see Sophie at a high society function and she’s all dressed up. Regular viewers know she’s ditched Nate and she’s a grifter, doing what she does best. It doesn’t take long to find out that Sophie has crashed the funeral of a wealthy art collector. There’s an art auction but we know Sophie is an art thief, she can’t seem to help herself.


Even though one gentleman insists that he knows her, Sophie clearly states that isn’t possible. Luckily Nate shows up to rescue her from the man. Now Sophie is trying to figure out how Nate tracked her down, and Nate is hurt that she isn’t being completely honest with him. He thinks she’s come to steal something and by the way she’s behaving the viewer can easily conclude the same thing. When she says they can go, it was just an auction, they turn to leave but apparently there is one more event. One painting has never been seen by the public before and it’s about to be shown for the first time ever.


The crowd surrounds the vault and it’s opened after much ado to reveal that the painting is missing. Nate steers Sophie out as quickly as possible, even though she claims she didn’t steal the painting. Nate says he knows but he’s been with her and is having a hard time believing she didn’t do it. Just then we hear an old familiar voice call Nate by name.


James Sterling places Sophie and Nate under arrest even though he has nothing to hold them on. While he is investigating Nate and Sophie make short work of the hand cuffs and leave to do some detective work of their own. It doesn’t take them long to realize it’s not just an art theft, the man who owned the collection did not die of old age. He was murdered.


The fun begins now as Sterling catches up to the couple and Sophie comments “Oh there you are.” As if she’d been looking for him. Sterling says “If you two are trying to escape you’re not doing a very good job.” They take Sterling outside to tell him their theory. He gives them an hour to deliver a suspect. Nate says “I don’t need an hour, I have a Sophie.”


Sterling shadows Sophie while Nate listens to her conversations via their cell phones. She makes conversation and sympathizes with all of the members of the household who tend to alibi one another. The art curator Katrina has been fighting with Fiona Gualt, the daughter of the deceased, who has been fighting with her father’s ex-wife. There’s Shecter the attorney, Jonas Gualt’s son Woodman and Paolo the manservant.


Nate reconstructs the events that surrounded the murder and comes to a conclusion. Everyone had a reason to kill the man. They, however, are simply looking for the painting. Whoever has the painting must be the murderer. They find the painting in the bed drawer in the Butler’s quarters to which Sophie says “The Butler did it.”


When the painting is unveiled and verified by the curator Sophie has a look of shock on her face. As Sterling leaves, smug over catching the art thief, Sophie tells Nate “That’s not Mama Stare.” To prove it Sophie procures that along with another painting from the collection. Nate mixes a few ingredients in martini glasses and places some paint into each one. Unfortunately they both match which means the paintings are authentic. Sophie is dejected, she was so sure. Nate gives it some more thought, unless both are forgeries. It suddenly dawns on Nate that it could be the entire collection has been faked.


Springing this news on Sterling does not go over well, but after Nate explains the theory to him at length, James decides to question the Curator. When he asks if anyone has been replcing the paintings with forgeries she runs. While they are still trying to figure out where she is a scream is heard followed by a splash. Katrina is found in the pool, dead. It appears she slipped and hit her head on the bricks.


Nate and Sophie go back to the pub and share a few words before she goes to get a change of clothes from the car. While she’s gone Nate calls himself an idiot and leaves. We see Nate back at the house standing in front of the safe. He’s imagining the curator walking away with the painting. How could she get past the second alarm, an RF ID tag that would set the alarm ringing if the painting was moved? She couldn’t. As Nate speaks the conclusion aloud there’s an audible click and we see a gun aimed at his head.


Nate tells Woody Gualt that he’ll never get away with shooting him, and in the ensuing battle of wits Nate tells him “I’m smarter than you. “I’m smart enough not to kill my partner.” Just as Sophie smashes Woodson Gualt over the head. They run and we are back where the episode started. Nate and Sophie crouch behind crates and wait. When Woody gets close enough Nate tells Sophie to run and he catches Gualt off guard. He smashes the gun from his hand and uses Sterlings handcuffs to cuff the man to a hand truck and shoves him into the pool.


The sun is rising as Sterling takes the killer away but before he leaves he offers Nate a job as an investigator and says he can bring the art thief with him. Sophie is indignant as she repeats “Ex Art Thief!”

Will TNT’s Leverage be Picked Up For A Sixth Season? 

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Leverage on TNT is over for about two months, much to the chagrin of die-hard Leverage fans. Still no word from TNT as to whether the show will be renewed for a sixth season, but with ratings between 2.6 and 3 million per episode we can hope. Dean Devlin let fans know last week that Leverage has gone into syndication. That means new fans and a growing fan base will hopefully bring the renewal announcement Leverage fans have been waiting for.

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